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The Jukebox is the fourth tab of the Sidebar. This feature allows the GM to accesses the sounds and music from SoundCloud and Tabletop Audio.


Finding Music/Sounds

Click the +Add button, then click Track, which will open a popup with tabs for each audio option.


From the SoundCloud tab, use the dropdown menu to select if you're looking for background music, sound effects, or to search all of SoundCloud. Enter keywords in the search box to look for sounds.

You can also find a specific SoundCloud track by pasting its URL into the search field.

You can Preview a track by pressing the Play button.

Tabletop Audio

From the Tabletop Audio tab, use the Search For: dropdown menu to filter the Tabletop Audio tracks available. Filter via All Tracks or by genre.

You can Preview a track by pressing the Play button.

Using Your Own Music/Sounds

To play your own music or sound effects, you’ll need to create a SoundCloud account and upload your tracks to it. Make sure to set your SoundCloud library to Public which will allow Roll20 to stream your audio.

Adding tags such as “Roll20”, “ambient” or “orchestral” will allow Roll20’s search filter to locate your uploaded audio. It may require up to 15 minutes for Roll20 to locate your freshly uploaded track via a keyword search.

As noted earlier, you can also bypass searching for your audio track on SoundCloud by pasting its URL directly into the Roll20 music search.

Adding Music/Sounds in Game

Add music/sounds from SoundCloud or Tabletop Audio directly to your current session's library by clicking the + button from the Jukebox popup next to the track you'd like to include.


Folders can be used to help organize music and sounds within the Jukebox.

Adding Folders

Folder Options

Playing Music/Sounds in Game

Any tracks you've added to your game can be played by simply pressing the play button in the Jukebox tab of the Sidebar. It will be audible to all players in the session. Note that you can play more than one file at a time, and all individual files can be looped by pressing the loop icon next to the track. Each track has its own volume control which can be used to normalize their volume.

Playing Music/Sounds from Folders


Loop All

Shuffle All

Play All Simultaneously

Renaming/Reordering Tracks

To rename a track, simple click on its title in the Jukebox tab of the Sidebar (after you've added it to the Jukebox tab). Type a new name and press Return to save. Tracks will assume a numerical and then alphabetical order, so numbering them as a playlist is a quick way to organize.

Master Volume Control

In addition to the Game Master's control of individual track volume in the Jukebox tab, each person connected to the game can also use the Master Volume Control located under the Settings tab to control the volume level of all music being played.