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API Script Author: ChrisD
Version: 0.182
Last Modified: 2017-02-05
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: Unknown

Note: This page is under development
StatusTracker is not live yet.

  • Track turns and initiatives.
  • Track conditions using status markers. Track duration of conditions.
  • Automatically adjust attributes based upon conditions. IE: when knocked down or blessed, your stats change.

StatusTracker is based upon TrackerJacker by Ken L. However while some routines are almost untouched, I heavily rewrote others and added the ability to track and use attribute changes based upon token level conditions. (IE: if a token is marked as knocked down (a condition), his attack value (an attribute of the associated character) can be automatically adjusted when referencing the knocked down token, while remaining the same for all other tokens).

Like TrackerJacker and TurnMarker, it uses a graphic image that follows beneath tokens to indicate who's turn it is. It also optionally announces round numbers, whose turn it is, etc. The real function however of StatusTracker' is to track statuses and duration's with an easily accessible interface that's intuitive, and to allow token level adjustment of attributes based upon those conditions.





All commands are parsed with maximum flexibility. Parameters may optionally have a hyphen in front of them. They can be comma or white-space delimited (commas are needed to delimit blank or empty fields). Parameters with values may have ether equal signs or colons between them. Values may optionally have double or single quotes around them (required if value contains certain things such as white-space, comma's or tilde's). Labels may usually be skipped on Commands with mandatory parameters if you put all required parameters in order.
More than one command may be present in the same input line by separating them with a Tilde (~).



v1.00 (upcoming)

  • StatusTracker Release

v0.082 (2015-09-23)

Original source TrackerJacker by Ken L.