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=Bug Update 2021-05-23=
So recent update caused some bugs with the sheet, but an update is under work.
v.2.41 has a test version on here to try:
The latest sourcecode for the update fix can be found here:
Direct any feedback regarding this to [ moondancer83]
=General =
=General =
{{mbox | text = '''NOTE:''' This sheet is designed with primarily REUP in mind, but should work equally good for R&E and 2E.}}
{{mbox | text = '''NOTE:''' This sheet is designed with primarily REUP in mind, but should work equally good for R&E and 2E.}}

Revision as of 19:45, 23 May 2021

Star Wars D6 Sheet
GitHubLogo.png 2.34
Last Update 2021-05-20
Author Andreas J., Moondancer83
Sheet layout (v.2.15)

This is a guide to the Star Wars: (D6) West End Games character sheet found in the Sheet Template selection menu.

It was originally created by Timothy O. in 2014, and since 2017 been primarily updated/maintained by Andreas J., with occasional help form others, such as Moondancer83 starting 2021.

See Star Wars D6 for the system in general, and Star Wars: (D6) 30th Anniversary Edition for the (white) 1E sheet created by Claes.


Bug Update 2021-05-23

So recent update caused some bugs with the sheet, but an update is under work.

v.2.41 has a test version on here to try:

The latest sourcecode for the update fix can be found here:

Direct any feedback regarding this to moondancer83


This sheet is for playing theStar Wars: The Roleplaying Game, published by West End Games in 1987, commonly also called Star Wars D6. The game has various iterations which are all pretty interchangeable:

  • Star Wars (1987) (Simplest, least options, but still some people's favorite)
  • Star Wars 2nd Edition (1992)
  • Star Wars 2nd Edition, Revised & Expanded (R&E) (1996)
  • Star Wars: Revised, Expanded & Updated (REUP) (2015)(massive new fan-created version, top choice for many, but essentially same as 2E R&E)
  • Star Wars 30th Anniversary Edition (2018)(reprint of 1E)

If you want to play 1E/30th Anniversary, you can either:

  • a) Use this sheet, and turn turn off the Wild Die in the Settings Menu,
  • b) Use the the 30th Anniversary sheet which is designed specifically for playing 1E.
  • c) use the D6 Space sheet, which uses more or less the same system as SWD6, just without any branding.

See Also: Rolls in Star Wars D6

Rolling from the sheet

All rolls results from buttons of the sheet use a Roll Template built into the sheet(which is based on the Default Roll Template), and results are rolled for all to see. There is an option to also show roll buttons that only sends results to the GM.

The rolls take into account the possible penalties from @{WoundMod} and @{Force_Up}(when appropriate),if the character is wounded or concentrates on a continuous Force power. Further, the force skills takes in account @{Force_EmptinessMod} bonus if it is checked.

For the Initiative rolls to appear on the Initiative Tracker, the sheet must be connected to a token and be selected, before rolling for initiative. The Character points, Extra dice and Custom Roll buttons doesn't account for the @{WoundMod} and @{Force_Up} attributes for simplicity's sake.

This is the macro code that the Dexterity Roll button uses:

&{template:blue} {{name=Dexterity}} {{Roll=[[(@{dexterity} -@{WoundMod} +@{Force_Up} + ?{Dice mods|0} -1)d6cf0cs7 + @{dexteritypip} + ?{Other Mods(pip)|0} + 1d6@{wilddie}]]}}

The 1d6@{wilddie} part of the roll determins if a Wild Die is rolled or not, which can be edited in the settings.

Roll Results

  • When you roll a 1 on the Wild Die, the is highlighted with a red border
  • rolling a 6 on the Wild Diehighlighted in green border if it explodes
  • TA blue border on the rolls means the wild die exploded, but on one of the exploded die rolls where a 1. This doesn't mean anything speciial the SW D& rules, but is just how Roll20 shows if both a crit fail and a crit success is rolled in one roll. It might be possible to change the blue highlight to be green, but I haven't looked into it.

Settings Menu

The "Cog" icon that opens the Settings Menu

You access the settings menu by clicking on the cog and click again to exit the menu can show and hide a few things. All the options are independent from eachother.

Sheet Type Can switch between the four sheet types, PC, NPC, Ship and Shop/Container
Hide GM Rolls? Hides the extra roll buttons with "GM" written on them. The GM rolls function like the regular rolls except they are whispered to the GM.
Disable Roll Mod Query? Removes the popup from all rolls that asking for modifications before outputting the roll in the chat. Speeds up play if you don't do MAP often.
Disable Wild Die? If checked, will change so dice rolls from the sheet doesn't have a Wild Die in them, making it easier for example to play 1E that doesn't use Wild Die.
Hide Force Section? Hides the Force section, useful for characters who aren't Force sensitive
Hide Background/Equipment/etc.? Hides the section from the sheet, reduce scrolling if sections aren't used.

Sheet Types

Apart from using it as a sheet for players, there are a number of other modes you can change the sheet into, including NPC, Starship / Storage

PC Sheet

Generally, info described in the PC sheet sections applies on the NPC sheet, which is just a simplified look of the former.

Weapons & Armor

SWD6 armor.png

The armor section have three roll buttons, for rolling damage soak with either your armor's Physical resistance(and your Strength),Energy resistance(and your Strength), or only your inherit Strength attribute.

The star symbol rolls your armor's Physical soak, and the bolt icon rolls your armor's Energy soak.

Wounds doesn't affect your Strength dice in these rolls as per 2E R&E rules.

Force Section

Force Skill Rolls:

The three force skills rolls takes in account: How wounded the char is, if any number of powers are active or if Force Emptiness is active.

Force Emptiness:

If active, adds (6 - number of dark side points) pip to all force rolls

Resist Pain:

If active, reduces the wound penalty down to -1, as per R&E rules.

Number of Other powers active:

Useful to keep track of the MAP incurred from upholding active Force Powers. Resist Pain doesn't need to be taken into account, as the penalty is built into the previous tracker.

Lightsaber Combat:

Useful to track the usual attack bonus and damage increase/decrease one uses frequently. Both rolls takes into account if Force Emptiness is active, and the attack any Wound penalties. For other rolls will LC is active it's recommended to use above tracker for the MAP penalty coming from LC.

NPC sheet

The NPC sheet is a condensed version of the regular sheet for ease of use. Reduces two first sections from the PC version to Name, Health tracker, init button and info box, and Equipment section down to one field. Doesn't show Char Point/Credit tracking sections.

Generally, info described in the PC sheet sections applies on the NPC sheet, which is just a simplified look of the former.

Other Comments:

  • The NPC's "Physical Description & Other Info" field uses the "Physical Description" attribute from the PC sheet
  • The single "Equipment" field uses the attribute from the first box in the PC version of the Equipment section
  • Switching between PC/NPC version of the sheet doesn't change any attributes, only hides some. The sheets share all stats so that the NPC sheet can also be used by players who favour the more compact view.


The Ship sheet should make ships easier to track and use, and contains

Contains some roll buttons, like a section for ship weapons.


Simply shows the Weapon & Armor', and the Equipment-sections, and nothing else.

Useful if you want to have a separate sheet to track external container, storage or cargo bays of PCs/NPCs. Alternatively, it can serve as a display for available wares in a shop or store held by an NPC.

Advanced Use

Default Settings

SWD6 defaultsettings.png

Default Settings are something the GM of a game using the SWD6 sheet can use to customize how new sheets looks like, function and what they contain. Here are a few suggestion on how these can help streamline things for both GMs and players.

  • Sheet type: If the GM have added all needed PC sheets already, they could change this to NPC, so that subsequently when adding new NPC sheets to the campaign they show the NPC view by default
  • Hide GM Rolls?: If a GM doens't do hidden rolls, hiding the GM roll buttons from the sheets as default reduce the clutter for both players and the GM
  • Disable Roll Query?: If your game does change the values of stats often before rolling, it can be beneficial to disable this by default for new players.
  • Use Wild Die: If the game doesn't use Wild Die(Such as playing 1E or some homebrew), it's handy to set all sheets to not use them by default.
  • Hide Force Section: If a player(or NPCs in general) doesn't use Force powers, it's practical to hide the section by default.
  • Credit/Character Points/Force Points: If players are to start with different amounts than the defaults, it's handy to change it from here in advance.

Roll templates

The default roll template can be called with examples like: &{template:default} {{name=?{Roll Name}}} {{Roll=[[{(?{Number of dice|0} - 1)d6cf0cs7 + ?{Number of pip|0},1d6!cf1cs6}]]}}

You can also use &{template:blue}, &{template:red}, &{template:green} or &{template:black} with the corresponding colors in your macros apart from the default template. They function otherwise identically to the default roll template.

Roll20 sheet general tips

  • Wound penalties are automatically subtracted from all relevant rolls if used, same with the "Force Powers Up" tracker that automatically penalize you with the reported Multiple Action Penalty (MAP)
  • You can hide some unnecessary sections from the settings menu
  • the NPC version of the sheet can be useful for some players players
  • If you don't need to modify your roll, you can after clicking on the roll button on the sheet press enter twice to ignore the "dice mod" queries, or optionally completely turn off the feature from the Settings Menu.


Custom Roll:

&{template:default} {{name=?{Roll Name}}} {{Roll=[[{(?{Number of dice|0} - 1)d6cf0cs7 + ?{Number of pip|0},1d6!cf1cs6}]]}}

Noteworthy attributes that can be useful in macros:


It's value can be 0,-1,-1,-2,-5,-5, corresponding to Healthy, stunned, wounded, wounded twice, incapacitated, mortally wounded as they can be selected from the sheet. Good for tracking roll penalties automatically. Incapacitated and mortally wounded have the absurd penalties in place as character shouldn't be able to function when in that shape.


It can track numbers of force powers "up", and gives the corresponding negative value for number of active powers. Good for tracking roll penalties incurring from upheld force powers automatically.

Weapon Roll: Set as "Show as Token Action"

&{template:red} {{name=@{selected|charactername} : @{selected|repeating_weapons_$0_weapon}}} {{Attack Roll=[[(@{selected|repeating_weapons_$0_weaponskill} -@{selected|WoundMod} +@{selected|Force_Up} + ?{Dice mods|0} -1)d6cf0cs0 + @{selected|repeating_weapons_$0_weaponskillpip} + ?{Other Mods(pip)|0} + 1d6@{selected|wilddie}]]}} {{Damage=[[(@{selected|repeating_weapons_$0_damagedice} - 1)d6cf0cs7 + @{selected|repeating_weapons_$0_damagepip} + (1d6@{selected|wilddie})]]}}

This will roll the attack and damage for the first weapon listed in a character sheet. With the Characters Name : Weapon Name as the title, you can modify this code for the second weapon, by changing the $0 to $1 in five places, third weapon $2, etc.

Generic Star Wars D6 Macros


Tools for Star Wars D6


GitHubLogo.png(more up to date than wiki page in most cases)

Version 2.34 (2021-05-20)

  • Enhance Player Core info section's layout
  • Reformats Player Secondary Info section
  • Enhance Attributes & Skills section's layout
  • Enhance Weapons & Armors section's layout
  • Enhance Force section's layout
  • FIX: cleaning up HTML code
  • FIX: removes invalid CSS code
  • FIX: Resist Pain effect works as expected

Version 2.33 (2021-04-06)

update by Moondancer83 ( GitHubLogo.png)
  • remove duplicated control force power name field
  • fix force power section width

Version 2.32 (2021-02-09)

  • add missing lightsaber damage roll button

Version 2.31 (2020-10-03)

  • removed broken logo at top
  • revamp of starship section
  • add new roll templates, used in ship weapon damage rolls
See GitHubLogo.png for list of older updates.

Feature Requests

If you have a bug or have feature you would like added you can contact the Active Contributor.

  • Roll template
    • update to use Jacob's better roll template)
    • option to customize default rolls (use/don't use roll template, option for API integration)
    • make the roll template more SW-themed
  • Visuals
    • divide sheet into tabs
    • light mode/ alternative sheet looks to the default dark visuals
    • change inventory boxes into separate equipped/inventory/stash
    • option for dyslexia-friendly font
    • move Ship/vehicle section to a different tab
  • Features
    • make an Armor penalty slot for armor, that could automatically be removed from Dex-based rolls
    • Streamlining sheet for 1E gameplay(like simplifying the two armor types into one, disabling Wild Die as default, showing "1E" in sheet's corner for clarity)
    • option to import characters stats
    • more options to track different force powers
    • expand the ship/vehicle section with rolls and more stat sections

  • CSE based stuff
    • add name suggestion lists for Force Powers, Species, NPC Names, Weapons, Armor, Vehicles
    • create navbar(jump to sheet section instead of scrolling)
    • adapt for mobile

See Also