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Subscription FAQ

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Attention: This page is community-maintained. For the official Roll20 version of this article, see the Help Center for assistance: Subscription FAQ .

Why are you charging for Roll20 -- I thought this was all free!

Roll20 is a free service provided by a small team of developers. We rely on support from community members (like you!) to help us pay the costs of keeping the site up and running, and to give us time to develop new features and fix bugs. However, we firmly believe that purchasing a subscription should be totally optional, and we'll endeavour to always keep the base elements of Roll20 as free to use.

How can I support Roll20? What does a subscription get me?

Why Subscribe To Roll20 shows a partial breakdown of subscription features by tier, but the following Community Wiki pages lists some further details that is missing from the Subscription Comparison page:

  • Free - what you can access as free user
  • Plus
    info Plus - the middle subscription tier, (around $5/month), (-15% if you buy 1 year at a time)
  • Pro
    info Pro - the highest subscription tier, (around $10/month), (-15% if you buy 1 year at a time)

Each subscription includes great perks which give you more direct access to the Dev Team, as well as some tools useful for "power users" who manage lots of games. If you have any further questions about subscribing check the Roll20 Help Center, or Contact Roll20.

Any Account-related Issues

If you have any account related issues, Contact Roll20 through their ticket system, along with checking the Roll20 Subscription FAQ