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Tim R.

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timmaugh is creator of a number of API library scripts, most which are used for extending or helping other APIs.

API menu, tracking managing other APIs installed


APIs created by timmaugh

The API Meta-Toolbox

ABSTRACT: Meta-scripts intercept a chat message meant for other scripts, allowing you a way to modify the message before the intended-recipient script even gets involved. Since meta-scripts apply to any script call, they effectively provide ways to extend the Roll20 commands and interface. loops over the toolbox of other scripts, allowing them to operate on the message in turn, altering it to your needs, before releasing it to the intended-recipient script or (if desired) outputting it as a simple chat message.

The Meta-Toolbox is broken down into multiple individual APIs, to make their management & learning easier.

For example, these scripts provide a way to retrieve token properties (including properties not usually available to you, like a token's currentside, last move, etc.), sheet items, and even repeating items. You can retrieve things based on the speaker, token id, character id, or proximate names, and all while providing a default value if the thing isn't found. The scripts also provide the ability to perform inline math operations, store and retrieve variables, select tokens, remember selected tokens for downstream API calls (which would otherwise forget that there are tokens selected). The scripts give you IF/ELSE logic branching, inline unpacking of inline rolls, and the ability to plug in your own scriptlets to take advantage of the meta interaction.

In other words, there is a LOT of stuff these things can do. Oh, and they work together.

You do not need all of these scripts for any individual one to work, but they each offer something different. The scripts in this set can run on their own or as a part of the ZeroFrame loop. With ZeroFrame installed, you can control the order that the operations are executed, and the series of scripts is looped over until they all report that they are finished with the message. This gives incredible flexibility to the way you can retrieve and process information on the fly.

Other APIs