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Emrys T.

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I run the Hyperion Voyages campaign.

The Hyperion Voyages Campaign Setting is a custom setting a friend of mine and I have been building for years. The basic premise of the setting is "What if D&D advanced 3000 years?" Space Travel, Nanotechnology, Cyberspace, Hacking, Corporate Espionage, and Alien Cultures will be the bread and butter of this game.

If you've never played D&D 3.5e (or just never played D&D outright), I have character packages and ready-to-play characters that will make getting started a breeze. (Worried about dying? There's a way to be essentially-immortal at level 1! Want to play as a dragon? There are 10 kinds of dragons available!)

The Nitty-Gritty

We'll likely be starting out at level 1 so that everyone can get accustomed to the game, but if everyone wants to start at a higher level I'm willing to go as high as 5th level starting-out. The campaign will run as long as everyone's interested.

I'm by no means a "Killer GM", but I've put so many character protections and rewards in place that I will not hesitate to knock unconscious, imprison, or kill your character if you do something mind-bogglingly stupid (although I'll always let you know why it's stupid before it's irreversible). I try to follow the letter and spirit of the rules, and will gladly admit when I fuck up.

I prefer to have my players set their character ideas in stone (as ideas) before I make the encounters and such proper, and it's important to me that I know what kind of game you're looking for so far as humor-level.

Almost any standard book is allowed (including Dragon Magazines), although there is some banned material in specific books. Considering this is FetLife, I'm open to allowing some content from the "Book of Erotic Fantasy" if a compelling case can be made, but other 3rd party books are forbidden.

More Details

This link is to a 1-Page Introduction Treatment of how this campaign will NOT be like typical D&D on a nuts-and-bolts level.