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Script:5th Edition OGL by Roll20 Companion

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Main Page: D&D 5E by Roll20

This is a guide to the 5th Edition OGL by Roll20 Companion API, and how to set it up for ammo tracking & other features for the D&D 5E by Roll20 character sheet.

The Ammunition and Resource tracker allows you to automatically decrement a counter whenever you trigger an attack in the application. This works for ammunition such as crossbow bolts, and other abilities and attacks that are limited, such as a Cleric's Channel Divinity. This article shows you how to set up resources in the D&D 5E by Roll20-sheet(also known as the 5E OGL sheet).

To add the Ammunition and Resource tracker to games you have created, you need a
info account.

Enhances the Official 5th Edition OGL by Roll20 Character Sheet. The Companion currently supports:

  • Ammo Tracking
  • Automatic NPC Tokens
  • Automatic Death Save Tracking
  • Automatic Spell Slot Tracking


API Commands

  • !5ehelp - Gives a list of the script's API commands in the chat tab.
  • !5estatus - Lists the current status of the script's features in the chat tab.
  • !ammotracking on/off/player/quiet - Automatically expends linked resource when attack is made.
  • !autonpctoken on/off - Automatically generates a NPC token on the GM's screen based on the default token when an NPC's health calculation is rolled
  • !deathsavetracking on/off/player/quiet - Automatically ticks off successes and failures when death saves are rolled, clearing on death, stabilization, or hp recovery
  • !spelltracking on/off/player/quiet - Automatically expends spell charges as cast, factoring in higher level casting
  • !longrest character name - If spelltracking is on, this command will reset all of the character's spell slots to unspent.
  • !npchp character name - Rolls NPC hit point totals using their formula and updates the token bar. If no character name is provided it will roll the selected tokens.


  • on - Toggles the functionality on (default)
  • off - Disables the functionality
  • player - Maintains functionality but only sends data to the GM and the player involved.
  • quiet - Maintains functionality while preventing results from being output to the chat.

Install API

To set up ammunition tracking in a game you created:

  1. When you open Roll20, click on the game title you want to setup ammunition tracker.
    OGL Ammo Instructions 1.jpeg
  2. On the game page, open the Settings menu and select API Scripts.
    OGL Ammo Instructions 2.jpeg
  3. In the API Scripts page, go to the Script Library tab and locate the dropdown that allows you to search.
  4. Search for Companion. Select 5th Edition OGL by Roll20 Companion.
    OGL Ammo Instructions 3.jpeg
  5. Click the Add Script button at the bottom:
    OGL Ammo Instructions 4.jpeg

This script also has other features, such as keeping track of your spell slot usage if you're using default spell slots rules. These features are not detailed in this article.


Ammunition Tracking

To add ammunition tracking to a character sheet:

  1. Launch the game and open the character sheet you want to configure.
  2. On the sections menu select the engine icon. Then locate the right column named General Options, and change Ammo Tracking value to On.
    OGL Ammo Instructions 5.jpeg
  3. Return to the CORE section.
  4. To define what you want to keep track of, go to the equipment section and mouse over the equipment line.
  5. Click the “I” icon that will appear, select the option Use as a Resource. This will make it also be controlled by the resource section, so that whenever you change the quantity there it also changes in your inventory.
    OGL Ammo Instructions 6.jpeg
  6. Open the existing attack, such as the one Roll20 automatically creates when you drag a crossbow from the Compendium.
  7. Mouse over the attack, click in the inline engine icon that will appear and locate the AMMUNITION field.
  8. Type the exact name of the equipment you want to auto-decrement automatically.
    OGL Ammo Instructions 7.jpeg

Now whenever you run an attack you will see both the resources and the equipment counter decrement.

OGL Ammo Instructions 8.jpeg

Tracking Ability Usage

You can also set this up for classes that have a limited number of times they can use a particular ability. The below example shows a Cleric from the Tempest domain that can use their Wrath of the Storm ability 3 times a day. You could set this up for a Fighter's Second Wind ability, Channel Divinity, etc.

OGL Ammo Instructions 9.jpeg

Note that after you run the attack for the first time the system will update the AMMUNITION field value adding a | (pipe) symbol to separate the name from the id it needs to keep reference of which field it should update. You can ignore the id; do not remove it.

edit: this is confusing and needs clarification, it doesn't work as stated.

Advanced Ammunition Depletion

If you need to deplete a resource by a value greater than 1, you can simply add a comma after the name of the resource and then the number in the Ammunition section of the Attack.

For example:

Healing Power,5|resource_id

You can also expand this by using Roll Queries. To do so, make a roll query in your Attack then use the same Roll Query name in the value portion of the ammunition field.

For example: Enter ?{Amount to heal?} in the damage section of your attack, then put Healing Power,?{Amount to heal?}|resource_id in the Ammunition field.

Spell Slot Tracking(TODO

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