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Main Page: API:Script Index

APIs that focus on interacting with tokens, or some aspect of them.

  • TokenMod -- An interface to adjusting properties of a token from a macro or the chat area. Very versatile and tons of options, and it can perform features of several other Token-related APIs.
  • Reporter(Forum) -- A script to poll the game and return info on Token/Character pairs, along with customized action tools.
  • SelectManager - can patch and extend token selection between APIs
  • Supernotes(Forum) -- script pulls the contents from a token's GM Notes field.
  • GitHubLogo.png -- easy way to manage multi-sided tokens which are being used to represent progress clocks, or any other kind of incrementing timer or countdown.
  • Random Token Tinter -- will randomly assign (or remove) tints on tokens based on either a command-line list, a predefined Rollable Table, or a default rainbow (ROYGBV). See !!randtint --help for more.
  • TokenController(Forum) - Automate Token Movement for Patrols, following, roaming, and more
  • WeaponArcs(Forum) -- provides a means to add weapon arcs to tokens for visualization of range and targetable tokens
  • Faces(Forum) -- This is a short script that is designed to provide a quick visual interface for swapping token images and names. Great for any changeling. by Keith

Movement, Rotation, and Size

Scripts which are triggered by or change the location of tokens should generally be placed in this category.

  • Bump(Forum) - provides a way to invisibly manipulate tokens on the GM Layer from the Objects Layer, and vice versa.
  • TokenLock -- Allows GMs to selectively lock the movement of Player Tokens.
  • Carry Tokens(Forum) -- Allows tokens to "carry" and move other tokens, like dragging other characters or moving items.
  • Collision Detection -- Handles collisions between player-controlled tokens and a subset of path objects on the page
  • DupCharToken -- Duplicate a Character and Token, and add identifying number to Character and Token.
  • It's a Trap! -- Script for setting traps and detecting collisions with them at any point during movement. Has separate versions customised for specific games/sheets
  • KABOOM -- Creates explosion effects that move tokens away from or towards a point.
  • Marching Order -- Makes tokens follow each other in some specified order.
  • Measure -- Measure distances between multiple tokens, both from the corners and the center.
  • Random Rotate -- Allows the GM to easily rotate all selected tokens to a random angle.
  • Teleport -- Teleports tokens within a page or between pages either by chat menu or token movement by using teleport tokens on the GM layer.
  • Spawn Default Token(Forum) -- general idea is to automatically spawn the default token for a given "character" with various options for token qty, location/arrangement, and certain token properties such as size, side(for multi-sided tokens), light emission etc.
  • Token Fate -- Let fate decide! Randomly selects a token from the selected group.
  • Flip Tokens -- Flip graphics horizontally and/or vertically
  • SpinTokens -- Allows the GM to toggle spinning of selected tokens.
  • TokenController -- Allows GMs to quickly create patrol path shapes, assign tokens one or more paths, lock tokens in place, set tokens to follow each-other, and more. Uses complete menu system, no chat commands required.

Conditions, Status, Health

Tokens are used to represent player characters as well as non-player characters. Naturally, both occasionally get punched around a bit. Scripts in this category deal with the changing conditions of tokens, often but not necessarily as a result of combat.