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D&D 5E

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5E in most contexts refers to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Wikipedia-Black-W.png. DnD5E and D&D5E are other two common acronyms for the game.

This is a general guide to playing D&D 5E on Roll20, and the available character sheets that is suitable for it. See DnD for info on other editions of Dungeons & Dragons.


Character Sheets

These are the four available 5E sheet, starting from the most popular and use sheets. D&D 5E by Roll20 is by far the most used, but there are still a good number of user for the other sheets, especially the Shaped sheet. The Scrolls-sheet is likely a good option for those who want use a simple sheet.

D&D 2024‎‎

New sheet intended to work both for 5E and D&D 2024 rules. Goes into Alpha-testing in June 2024.

D&D 5E by Roll20

5E OGL Sheet Core v2.6.png

D&D 5E by Roll20 (previously known as the "5th Edition OGL" sheet), is the Official 5E character sheet, and is by far the most used character sheet on Roll20. It includes the Charactermancer. All game modules and adventures are designed to be compatible with this sheet. There is good user support for working with this sheet on the Roll20 forums and social media. Receives updates almost daily.

API Support (Pro subscription required): The official script offers spell tracking and limited resource tracking (ammo), as well as long rest automation. There are a lot of user-submitted scripts that specifically add functionality to this sheet.

In most cases when people don't mention which sheet (or game system) they use, one can mostly assume this is the one they are using.

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D&D 5E (Shaped)


D&D 5E (Shaped), (AKA. just the "Shaped sheet"), is the second most popular 5E character sheet on Roll20. It has lot of automation, and customization options. Good integration with the 5e Compendium, but lacks Charactermancer support. Supports 5e modules created by Roll20, but may become less compatible over time. Last updated In August 2019.

API Support (Pro subscription required): The robust companion script for this sheet offers a wealth of automation, including clickable statblock macros, spell management, monster import and much more. Spell and monster data is primarily limited to the SRD. There are a handful of user-submitted scripts that specifically augment this sheet.

D&D 5E (Community Contributed)


D&D 5E (Community Contributed) was created by John Myles and is one of the oldest character sheets on Roll20, and still has its users. Last updated in March 2018.

D&D 5E (Scrolls)


A 5E sheet created by Chris Hall. Is designed to be flexible, memorable, and easy to use. Last updated in December 2016.

5E-based sheets

There are a good number of other sheets, for games or homebrew based on the (D&D 5E) rules framework.


  • D&D 5E (Darker Dungeons) - A flexible character sheet compatible with D&D 5e and Giffyglyph's Darker Dungeons-ruleset.
  • Star Wars 5E - a sheet made for playing the Star Wars 5E homebrew conversion of D&D5E
  • Mass Effect - a supposed 5E conversion of a Mass Effect game, but the sheet doesn't seem to work.
  • Unofficial Elder Scrolls Tabletop - Compatible for use with the UESTRPG conversion of DnD5E.


See 5E Macros for various macros and examples.


Many Mods( beyond the ones listed here) are made with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition in mind, or have specific commands tailored to work with the popular D&D 5E by Roll20-character sheet. In the one-click menu, most Mods made for 5E should have a name starting with D&D 5E. 5E is the system that have most system-specific Mods by a large margin. Several generic Mods have configuration settings tailored for the 5E sheets, such as GroupInitiative and GroupCheck.

  • Rest & Resource Management
    • 5E Rest in Style -- This script for the "D&D 5E by Roll20" character sheet, solves the error prone task of updating your sheet when resting.
      • Using !long-rest and !short-rest commands will update your sheet, and report to you everything it is doing.
    • Rest and Recovery(Forum) -- Short & Long Rest automation, by Keith
    • ShortRest -- Automating recovery of various resource during Short Rest
    • CashMaster -- for managing you currencies
  • Spells & Special Abilities
    • SpellMaster -- a high-performance total-replacement for the Spells page of the D&D 5E by Roll20-sheet, with several additional key features that go beyond the default spells page.
    • WildShape(Forum) -- Managing Druid Wildshape, changing token image, setting HP and temporary stats, etc.
    • Hunter's Mark
    • 5E Paladin Aura(Forum) -- Managing the proximity bonuses given by Paladins by notifying users in chat when a bonus should be applied.
    • Concentration -- Concentration keeps track of characters concentration, and reminds to do a concentration check.

Free Content


DnD5E Compendium contains free content from the SRD, such as a number of basic monsters, spells, items & character creation options & rules. If you want more content, you can buy the Player's Handbook(Market) or the other books available on Roll20(Market).

See i Compendium for how it can be used.


There are a number of free adventures for 5E:

These are available in the sidebar when you create a new campaign.

In 2020, during Roll20's "Play at Home" promotion, LMoP and some other content was also free for a limited time.


5E is the game system with most game content on the marketplace, both with longer campaign modules, shorter adventures, settings books etc., by both [ Wizards of the Coast] and third party publishers.

There exists a couple of book bundles that can save you money, such as D&D DM Starter Bundle(Market), Player Bundle(Market), and Monster Bundle(Market)

The D&D DM Starter Bundle(Market) that gets you:

Some modules can be used for creating new games but also have a compendium that makes it easier to access content both in that game as well as be used in any other games you run. Older modules, such as Storm King's Thunder(Market) don't have compendiums(these where created before Compendiums existed on Roll20, and haven't been retroactively reworked to have them).

Tyranny of Dragons Bundle(Market) is a module that consists of the "Hoard of the Dragon Queen" & "Rise of Tiamat" Modules, along with a unified compendium, token set, and Original Battle Encounter Maps, exclusive to Roll20.

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