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Compendium Sharing

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Attention: This page is community-maintained. For the official Roll20 version of this article, see the Help Center for assistance: Here .

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What is Compendium Sharing?

Compendium content that the game creator has purchased is now more easily shared among participants in a game. This means beyond the existing unlimited drag-and-drop functionality that existed in Compendium sharing thus far, players will be able to more quickly utilize Compendium data in tools like the Charactermancer. Compendium Sharing is a way for game owners (creators) to share their compendium access with players in their games.

Compendium Sharing

Based on your subscription level, you can share your purchased compendiums with players in games that you have created.

You can only share compendiums in a game if you're the Creator.


How do I Enable Compendium Sharing?

1. A game's Details Page

To turn on Compendium Sharing for a game:

1. Open the game's Details Page and click the ySettings button.

2. A game's Settings button

2. From the drop-down, select Game Settings.

3. Scroll down to the option marked "Share my compendium with players?", select the Yes radio button.

The available Compendium slots for a game

4. Below the sharing option, you can see how many game slots you have available, as well as how many players are in your current game. You can remove compendium access to your other games by clicking the X next to the game name, if you need to free up space.

5. After you select Yes, be sure to scroll down to the bottom and click Save Changes.

What are the Limitations of Compendium Sharing?

In order to ensure licensed content here is safe from being exploited beyond intended personal use with this new feature, we are setting the following limits:

Compendium Sharing Free
no. of games 1 3 5
no. of players per game 5 10 15
  • Free Users Free users may purchase any compendium. They may only share their purchased compendiums with one active game that contains no more than themselves plus 5 players (6 total).
  • Plus
    info Subscribers
    Roll20 Plus subscribers may purchase any compendium. They may share their purchased compendiums with three active games that contain no more than themselves plus 10 players each (11 total per game).
  • Pro
    info Subscribers
    Roll20 Pro subscribers may purchase any compendium. They may share their purchased compendiums with five active games that contain no more than themselves plus 15 players each (16 total per game).

What Happens if I go over my Limit?

Once your game reaches the maximum number of players, compendium sharing will be disabled and you will get a warning message that it has been disabled for this game. You can use the "Kick from Game" to remove inactive players from your game or upgrade your subscription if you need more players to have access to your compendium.

The maximum number of players limit goes into effect even if those players own one or more of the compendiums you want to share. Players who have purchased the compendium will still be able to access it as normal, but other players won't be able to access the shared compendium.

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