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Dark Mode

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Dark Mode beta on Dev Server (Feb 4 2022)



Dark Mode was released March 2nd, 2022, after around a month's Beta on the Dev Server.

D&D 5E by Roll20
Character   Sheet
also got a dark mode, while other official sheet will get that later. Community-created sheets needs to be updated separately to support this.

The Help Center has a Dark Mode, while the main site doesn't.

Character Sheets

As the Dark Mode is new, it will take time for Character Sheets creators(both Roll20, publisher & community-maintained) to adapt them to be Dark Mode compatible.

Sheets with Dark Mode:

  • As of March 24th, around a dozen character sheets supports the native Dark Mode Andreas J. (talk) 15:33, 24 March 2022 (UTC)
  • There exists a larger number of sheets that had built-in their own "Dark Mode" or color-schemes into the sheets, but those needs to be turned on manually.
    • These are usually available in some form of "Options" tab or menu, commonly with a y or x icon.
  • Sheets that already had a dark color-scheme(Unknown number)
    • these probably works quite nicely with Dark Mode even if they don't explicitly support it, but might have minor artifacts that need to be adjusted.

See Character Sheet Development/Dark Mode for help with updating sheet to Dark Mode. Alternatively, you could create a Stylus snippet to fix a sheet for yourself. These Stylus-snippets can later be used by Sheet Authors when implementing Dark Mode for the sheet.


Community-made Dark Modes

Using the Stylus-browser plugin, you can try using one of the community-made attempts at a Dark Mode. Some Are for the VTT itself & adjusted for the 5E sheet, while others have made Dark Modes for rest of the site.


A Dark Mode for Roll20 is a popular Feature Request, and from Feb 4, 2022 to March 2022 was available on the Dev Server for testing.

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