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Eric is an avid tabletop gamer. He's also a part time Twitch streamer and host of the live roleplaying game show, Once Upon A Game.



Eric has a Defense Against the Dark Arts degree with minors in Economics, Math, and Computer Science. He has a 9-5 job in the office mines as a business analyst.

Eric got infected with the tabletop RPG virus in the early 90s, during a week long expedition at a boy scout summer camp. It started with D&D 3rd edition and spread to later editions and Pathfinder. By the time he played his first indie RPG there was no saving him.

Since October 2015, Eric has been producing and streaming video content starting with a variety RPG show called Once Upon A Game. Since then, he has begun branching out into video game streaming as well.

When he is not working or streaming, he spends his time playing board games, going to the gym, or affectionately smothering his pets: Darcy the corgi and Ollie the cat.

Featured Games & Editions

Fall of Magic

Night Witches

Live Schedule

Sunday Monday Wednesday
Title Once Upon A Game Once Upon A Game Once Upon A Game
Game System Variety Variety Variety
Time 9am PT 9pm PT 9pm PT

Show Descriptions & VODs

Once Upon A Game

Once Upon A Game is a story game variety show featuring a rotating cast and a rotating set of story games and RPGs that emphasize story telling and shared creative control.

Once Upon A Game Cast

Once Upon A Game features a rotating cast of players that changes each episode.

Appearances on Other Channels

Guest player with APGamingREAL