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Heavy Gear 4th Edition

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Guide to the Heavy Gear 4th Edition character sheet. Published by Dream Pod 9.

Sheet author is arcadianbel. The sheet is currently in Open Beta



The character sheet uses an inbuilt roller to roll and calculate dice rolls, which is then displayed in a Roll Template. These results always include the Score, MOS (difference between the Score and the TN) and the dice actually rolled.

Global Variables

The sheet uses the same global variables for each roll, found at the beginning of the Skills section on the Character page and the Weapons Systems section on the Gear page. These are applied to every roll and allow players to set the Bonus Dice, TN and reliable dice for each roll.

Some bonuses and penalties are not automatically calculated

Damage penalties, equipment, bonuses from perks/flaws and conditions are not automatically calculated. Use the Global Variables to include these in rolls.

Reliable/Unreliable dice and favored skills

Reliable and Unreliable dice are shown on the roll template. The dice are shown in the form "X reliable dice A|B|C|D|E|F". X is reliable/unreliable dice, unreliable dice will show X as negative. A-F are the removed dice values, where A is dice showing ones and F is dice showing sixes. Favored skills are automatically given reliable 1.


The sheet automatically applies a -1d6 penalty dice to untrained rolls (rolls where the skill level is 0).


The sheet automatically calculates expertise bonuses; doubles for expertise 2 and TB:1 for expertise 3. The Roll Template will show Doubles X when it calculates doubles, where X will be the dice removed. Doubles 0 means the roller tried to find doubles but there was none to be found.

Char Sheet

Clicking the checkbox next to "i:" will show additional fields to add more information. Clicking the checkbox again will hide the information.

Similar Sections

Weapons Sections

Weapons are initially blank, click i: to open Additional Information. Weapon rolls use the Domain, Skill level and Favored ( F) bonuses shown in the weapon section.

Damage Sections

As damage penalties are situational, they are not automatically applied to rolls. Clicking i: shows Effect, Deterioration and Fix for each instance of damage. Gear Damage will also show "Hull Integrity Damage" turn this off for non-HI damaging effects such as Jammed.


The Character page shows information on your actor.

Traits and Perks

Archetypes Can be disabled in the Setting menu. Archetype name, rank category and rank level. Equipment. Resource name (Momentum for Duelists, Command Points for Commanders, etc). Current/Maximum resource. Resource regain condition.


Global Variables. Used in every roll.

Domain Name : Expertise level, Expertise effects. (Skills in domain/Skills to next expertise level) Skill name, (Favored Skill) Roll button. Skill Level. Current XP. XP gained this session.


The Gear page shows information on your actor in their vehicle.


Maintenance type (Low/High Maintenance, Low/High Tech, Rare/Ubiquitous). Total: Maintenance Cycle, X hours of maintenance every Y days Remaining: X hours left, Y days to complete Penalty: TP:X Repairs: additional repairs

Weapon Systems

Add Weapon Code: takes in weapon code (ie "LAC" for Light Auto-cannon"). Changes: Flail is FLA, Flamer is FL. Weapons apart from Fist need a size (L/M/H).


Optional Rules No Archetypes: Removes Archetypes from Character page.

Current Issues

Problems that are known to the author. Contact arcadianbel or reach out on the Heavy Gear Discord.


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