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Character & Token ID Lookup Macro by Andreas J.

If token isn't linked to a character, it will give error on char id & name.

Char & Token:

&{template:default} {{name=**Character & Token ID**}} {{**Character Name**=@{selected|character_name} }}  {{**Character ID**= @{selected|character_id} }} {{**Token Name**=@{selected|token_name} }} {{**Token ID**= @{selected|token_id} }}

Token Only:

&{template:default} {{name=**Token ID**}} {{**Token Name**=@{selected|token_name} }} {{**Token ID**= @{selected|token_id} }}


  • playerid - unique, global id for each player in a game, but is different in each campaign.
  • roll20id - unique id for each account, never changes.