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Arcane Scriptomancer.png Achievement get! Arcane Scriptomancer
Keith Curtis is a longstanding and active Roll20 Community Member, former Forum Moderator, API Author, & . Creator & maintainer of the -forum thread, listing tons of clever Roll20 tips, as well as the Chat Menus-trick, where you create a chat command for characters that contains a list of roll buttons you can then call from the q Text Chat.


Articles Created

APIs Created

Keith have created(or been heavily involved in creating) a couple of APIs, that can be found in the API one-click install menu.

  • Dealer - API for helping out with managing cards, and card dealing
  • D&D 5E - Token Action Maker - This script creates token actions on selected tokens for the D&D 5E by Roll20 sheet, very helpful for both NPCs and Players.
    • (Created by Kevin, modified by keithcurtis, GiGs, & Bretmckee)
  • Supernotes - This script pulls the contents from a token's GM Notes field and sends them to chat, based on a user-selectable roll template. ** (Created by Keith & The Aaron)
  • D&D 5E - Rest & Recovery - To handle recovery on the resource attributes on the D&D 5E by Roll20 sheet.


Forum Threads

Prominent forum threads made by Keith:

Other Links