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Forum Submitted Tricks

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This is a page of tricks culled from the Roll20 Tips and Tricks (Innovative Solutions to Common Problems)(Forum) in the forum. The list is still ongoing, so please check the thread for latest tricks.

Some of these tips require users to have
info or
info subscriptions. These will be marked as such, or with with (API)

Often Referenced Tricks

Macro Organization

Macros are complex and powerful tools, and can get overloaded quickly, but now we have the Complete Guide to Macros & Rolls page that unifies all the related pages on the matter, as well as links to many individual macro tricks from the "Stupid Roll20 Tricks" thread.

To Do

These tips haven't been ported over to the wiki yet. When a tips have been ported, add a link to the page here.

If there are multiple Tricks that are closely related, consider creating a single page for the concept, so that later tricks have a single clear page to be added to.

Check the Roll20 Tips and Tricks (Innovative Solutions to Common Problems)(Forum)-thread's Index on the first page for links to each individual trick.

  • The Beholder Anti Magic Field - keithcurtis
  • GM Disable WebRTC if you use other chat program - Gold
  • Black Aura Token for Night - lordmage
  • --- Giving Players Limited Access - Kyle.G
  • Use a "Placeholder" Character(s) to Handle In-Game Languages - Vince
  • --- Elaboration - Vince
  • Use Emojis in Macro Buttons - keithcurtis
  • Party Sight Token - Marius
  • Inventory Container Sheet - keithcurtis
  • --- Giving Players Limited Access - Kyle.G
  • Deck of Cards to Track Player Resources - Gozer the Gozerian
  • Keep Crits/Fumbles from Display on Attack Rolls - Scott C.
  • 2 column API buttons in Default Roll Template - Bryan P
  • Use Modular Macros to Simplify Parsing - Aranador
  • Mood Lighting Tokens - keithcurtis — (Video by Nick O, timestamp)
  • Environmental Effects (download link) - Kirsty
  • Creating a Dummy Account (and why) - keithcurtis
  • Query Ordering Without Affecting Functionality - Ziechael
  • Keyboard Macro Shortcuts - keithcurtis
  • Use /talktomyself to Temporarily Bypass API - keithcurtis
  • Easy Area Markers / Room Numbering - The Aaron
  • Summing Success Rolls - Bryan P.
  • Interactive Tables as Handouts - Jeremy R.
  • Managing Magic Items With Handouts - The Aaron
  • Prefix Trick to Variably Call Attributes - Kyle G.
  • Rolling HP at New Level - Jerry F.
  • Player Vault pages/ UI Pages (to manage cards & equipment) - GUI8312
  • Trap and Room Markers sans character sheet or API - Scott C.
  • Aura Effect to Reveal Hidden Objects or Markings - reported by Gold (Stephen S.'s original thread) (video - Nick O.)
  • Use Resources From free Master's Vault Intro Game - Gold
  • DM Whisper With No Breaks - Muckbuckle
  • Responding to an Old Thread in the Forums - Blue64
  • Put building Interiors on Token Layer with AFoW - Taran
  • Tooltip Hack in Chat Display - Aranador
  • Quick and Dirty Slide Show and Image Display - keithcurtis
  • Styled HTML in Roll20 Text Fields - Noobsauce
  • Flying Tokens - Arthur B
  • Hide Token with Map Assets - Anton Palikhov
  • Droppable Torch Token - Gimblejam
  • Finding Attributes on Characters - Jeremy R. — (More info - Loren the GM, and even more - Gargamond)
  • Pre-Linked Tokens - Blue64
  • Quick Play: Room Specific Music - Ye'Olde DM
  • Simple Way to have a "Handout" without a Journal Entry or Actually Making a Handout - Kastion
  • Drop Down Nester - Scott C.
  • PC Token Action to Roll Initiative (D&D 5E by Roll20) - Jeremy
  • How to manipulate Attack Actions (D&D 5E by Roll20) - Jeremy
  • Use Images in the Default Template - The Aaron (More info by Blue64)
  • Spaces in Macro Names - Jeremy (read further posts for cautions)
  • Make Doors on DL Layer Clear to Players - godthedj
  • Popout sheets/handouts into tabs (Chrome) - Mik Holmes (More info by Malachi and Blue 64)
  • Use Rollable Tables to Spice up Flavor Text - godthedj
  • Quickly Populating with Rollable Tables - Mik Holmes
  • Exploration Mode (TokenMod API) - Mik Holmes (Updated version)
  • Hidden Stats, Attributes, and Abilities - Blue64
  • More interactive world - every npc is a character mook - gui8312
  • Rollable Encounter Images - Blue64
  • Aligning Images in Handouts - keithcurtis (More info by Noon)
  • Live Handouts - Noon
  • Fine Tune 'Snap to Grid' Dynamic Lighting - Ziechael
  • Forum Searching... But Better - Ziechael
  • Precautions to Take With Very Large Maps - keithcurtis
  • Example of Structured Abilities: The XP Macro - Ed S.
  • Easily Repeatable Game Searches - Gen Kitty
  • Using tints for art compatibility (high level map design) - gui8312
  • Use a Macro to Report on Obscure Character Abilities and Rules - PapaWhiskey11
  • Save Sorted Marketplace Searches — Free or Newest - Mike deBoston
  • Launch Game in Player/GM Mode - Blue64
  • Custom Success/Failure Outcome Messages - Ziechael
  • Bypass Blank Ability Call Math - Blue64
  • Storing and Reading Values for Macros using the Turn Tracker - Pat
  • Light Crumbs - keithcurtis
  • Record Session in External Window - Elvin (More info by keithcurtis)
  • Simplified Hour/Day/Night System With Rollable Tables - Dwarf
  • Expanded graphical tools - gui8312