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Macros/Call of Cthulhu Examples

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This is a guide for creating general CoC macros, not tide to any specific edition. See Call of Cthulhu for more Proll20-related info on CoC.


About Macros

First, there are two places where you can put your macros, in Collection > Macros and in Journal > Character sheet > Attributes & Abilities > Abilities.
The difference between these two is that the first one is for your macros as a player and the second one is intended to keep your specific character's macros. You can save your macros in both, but the first one will need your character's name @{name|skill}, while with the second one you will only need @{skill}.

Gm and char creation macros

Character creation macro

&{template:default} {{name=ATTRS}} {{STR=[[3d6*5]]}} {{CON=[[3d6*5]]}} {{POW=[[3d6*5]]}} {{DEX=[[3d6*5]]}} {{APP=[[3d6*5]]}} {{SIZ=[[(2d6+6)*5]]}} {{INT=[[(2d6+6)*5]]}} {{EDU=[[(2d6+6)*5]]}} {{LCK=[[3d6*5]]}}

Skill points calculator

&{template:default} {{name=Skill Points}} {{Occupational=[[20*@{edu}]]}} {{Hobby=[[10*@{int}]]}}

Add turn to the tracker

/w gm @{selected|token_name} [[@{selected|bar2} &{tracker}]]

Macro for npc skills

/as ?{Who says?} ?{What says?}
/emas ?{¿Who does?} ?{¿What does?}

With this one, /w gm before for secret rolls

&{template:default} {{name=@{selected|token_name} rolls for ?{skill|skill}}} {{Roll=[[1d100<?{req|0}]]}}

Macros for Abilities

Copy those macros in the Abilities section of the character sheet

Macro for skills
Change does something for jumps or whatever...

/em does something [[1d100<@{skill}]]

Punch with damage
Also for headbutt, grab and kick

&{template:default} {{name=Punch}} {{skill=[[1d100<@{Fist-Punch}]]}} {{damage=[[@{Fist-Punch-Damage}+@{Damage-Bonus}]]}}

First aid

&{template:default} {{name=First Aid}} {{Roll=[[1d100<@{First-Aid}]]}} {{Heals=[[1d3]]}}

First weapon of the weapon list
Change $0 with another numbers for other weapons

&{template:default} {{name=@{repeating_Firearms_$0_Firearm}}} {{hit=[[1d100<@{repeating_Firearms_$0_Score}]]}} {{damage=[[@{repeating_Firearms_$0_Damage}]]}}

Shotgun macro
With 3 distances, depending the shotgun, you need to change the damage accordingly

&{template:default} {{name=Shotgun}} {{hit=[[1d100<@{Shotgun}]]}} {{damage=[[?{distance|10m, 2d6+2|20m, 1d6+1| 50m, 1d4}]]}}

7th edition initiative tracker choice
Used with a drop down to pick initative skill and add the 50 for iniative using a firearm (add to global macros)

/em @{selected|token_name} uses DEX as a ?{Which skill?|Brawl,Using Brawl [[@{selected|dexterity}+@{selected|Brawl}/100&{tracker}]]|@{selected|fighting_skill_1_name}, Using @{selected|fighting_skill_1_name} [[@{selected|dexterity}+@{selected|fighting_skill_1}/100&{tracker}]]|@{selected|fighting_skill_2_name}, Using @{selected|fighting_skill_2_name} [[@{selected|dexterity}+@{selected|fighting_skill_2}/100&{tracker}]]|@{selected|fighting_skill_3_name}, Using @{selected|fighting_skill_3_name} [[@{selected|dexterity}+@{selected|fighting_skill_3}/100&{tracker}]]|Handgun,[[@{selected|dexterity}+(@{selected|Handgun}/100)+50&{tracker}]]|Rifle_Shotgun,[[@{selected|dexterity}+(@{selected|Rifle_Shotgun}/100)+50&{tracker}]]|@{selected|firearms_skill_1_name}, Using @{selected|firearms_skill_1_name} [[@{selected|dexterity}+@{selected|firearms_skill_1}/100+50&{tracker}]]|@{selected|firearms_skill_2_name}, Using @{selected|firearms_skill_2_name} [[@{selected|dexterity}+@{selected|firearms_skill_2}/100+50&{tracker}]]} for  initiative!

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