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My Games

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On the My Games page, you can join games, create games, manage the games you are a part of. It is accessible either by clicking on the Games option on the Site's main navigation bar or clicking on the My Games option from the Games drop-down menu when you hover your mouse there.


1. Game Search

Across the top of the My Games page is a search bar. If you have a large list of games, this search bar will filter your Game List based on either Tags or Keywords used by the games you've created and the games you are a player of.

2. Game List

The bulk of the page is taken up by the Game List, which shows all the games you can access. Each listed game shows several pieces of information:

  • Click the Game Title to be taken to the Game Details page.
  • The Game Image will also take you to the Game Details page.
  • Launch Game will take you straight into the tabletop for the game.
  • Player Icons are listed for each game, showing you who else plays that game.
  • The Last Played On date tells you when last the game was in session.
    • Games created by you have a Creator badge.
    • Games you are a Co-GM on have a GM badge.
    • Games you are a player in are unadorned.

3. Buttons

At the top right are a collection of buttons for creating, copying, and adding games to your Game List.

  • + Create New Game takes you through the game creation process to set up a new game.
  • Access the Dev Server takes you to the Developer's Server, a Pro subscription perk.
  • Custom Sheet Sandbox takes you to the Pro Only tool for developing Custom Character Sheets.
  • Copy from Dev takes you to a page that lets you copy a game from the Developer Server to the Production Server, a Pro subscription perk.
  • Find a Group takes you to the Looking for Group Tool, so you can find more games to join.

4. My Tags

On the right edge is the My Tags box lists all the tags you have defined in decreasing order by how many games have them. You can click a tag to instantly filter the list down to the games that include that tag.

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