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In a Roll20 game, a player doesn't have access to all the tools as the Gamemaster(GM) of a game does.

Many of the Roll20 articles are written from the perspective of what the GM sees, so a player shouldn't be worries if they don't see all the things in their game that are shown on various Roll20 guides.

See Also: Getting Started Players


What players can't do

A (non-exhaustive list of things the players can't do normally, some of which aren't completely obvious to a first-time user.

With Mods, the GM can directly and indirectly give players ability to some of these

  • N Journal-tab
    • character/character sheet
      • Players can't create their own character sheet, unless the GM have enabled the setting for the players.
      • Players can't update the image of the Avatar or the Default Token for their Character
      • Players can't import characters from their Character Vault, unless the GM have enabled this setting(and the game has Full Vault Access.
    • can't create handouts. The GM must create it. and then assign control of the character/handout to the player(s), for the player to be able to use it fully. (There exists an API called "Welcome Package" that can automatically do this for players when they join.)
  • Tokens
    • Players can't resize their tokens
    • Players can't change if name is or isn't shown for the token, nor change which token bubbles are shown as bars to themselves or other players
    • Players can't edit Dynamic Lighting Settings for their tokens
  • Sidebar
  • Players can't change the page they are looking at.
  • Toolbar
    • several of the tools are only available for the GM, such as the Fog of War / Darkness Tool, the option to show/hide the t Turn Tracker

Player permissions

The GM can give the player permissions for certain things, which grants them access to read and/or edit to things. This includes things like:

  • Character sheets
    • Read/ edit permissions
    • Ability to create new characters
  • Token - partial control
  • handouts

Players can always use the Drawing Tools, and move any Token they control, unless prevented by a Mod(see below).


Some GM-only features can be indirectly granted to players through the use of different APIs:

  • ChatSetAttr -- can be configured to allow players to evaluate or edit stats on characters they don't control, useful for automatically reducing enemy HP, or granting healing/ temp HP to allies.
  • CharSheet -- A simple and easily customizable script allowing players to create their own character sheets, using the command !charsheet
  • Door Knocker -- Enables players to reveal/hide Dynamic Lighting sections such as doors. The GM can change doors from between locked/unlocked to adjust which doors the players can open. Speeds up DL management for GM as well.
    • can be used for revealing hidden door, as well as making "windows"
  • emas -- Provides player !emas and !as commands. This is equivalent to the /emas, which is GM-only
  • MapChange -- has option to allow players to move between map pages, and GM can choose which pages are available/visible to them
  • Observer(Forum) -- handy way to add/remove players as "Observer", who can see & control all player characters.
  • PublicSheet(Forum) — create public, read-only versions of character sheets
  • Roll20 Audio Master (aka. Roll20AM) -- API commands to manage the u Jukebox, GM can grant selective access to individual players/tracks
  • Teleport -- provides a way for GMs or players to teleport tokens within,or between, map pages
  • TokenMod -- For managing token properties with chat commands. Usually players have limited control of their token settings, apart from editing the three bubbles.
    • Includes setting that enables players to target tokens they don't control

There are also API that can be used to restrict players more that normal:

  • DryErase(Forum) – An API that can stop players from drawing on the map, deleting any drawing instantly.
  • TokenLock – Allows GMs to lock/unlock the movement of all Player Tokens. - Useful for when you want to pause the situation and prevent players from accidentally moving forward.
  • MapLock - similar to TokenMod, but can be used for locking down any individual graphic/token on the map, so even the GM can't accidentally move things.
    • Useful if you want players to have control over a token otherwise(see stats, edit/see name & notes), but stop it form being moved.

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