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Regex Snippets

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Roll20-related Regex Wikipedia-Black-W.png snippets, that could be useful in macro generation, Character Sheet Development- and API Development, along with creating external tools.

Depending on where you use the snippets, you might need to escape



  • /(\/roll|\/r|\/em|\/w|\/whisper|\/gmroll|\/gr|\/ooc|\/fx|\/desc|\/as|\/emas|\/talktomyself|(\!|\#)[a-z\\-]*)/g - target any of the q Text Chat commands, or any API command keywords (e.g.!token-mod) - source
  • /&(?:[a-z\d]+|#\d+|#x[a-f\d]+);/g target any HTML entity - source


  • snippets to detect character_id, token_id, RowID, attibutes
  • improve above examples

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