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Main Page: API:Development

Details: Creating a script.json File

Some extra details:


"description" is the text displayed on the API Install page. It's written in markdown, with a few quirks. You can have markdown hyperlinks

  • See sheet.json#Instructions for formatting tips
  • With some changes, you can use Sheet Sandbox to test how the "description" will look like in the One-click menu. Good for checking it's readable

Patreon and Tipeee Link

For API script authors that are contributing to the Roll20 Roll20 API repo, they are approved to advertise via subscription/donation service sites: Patreon and Tipeee. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.

In order to qualify, an API script author must first have their script contribution approved by the Roll20 staff and included into the Roll20 API Script Repo.

You will want to include your Patreon or Tipeee account information in the script.json file that should be included with your script submission on GitHub.

The json file should have one of these fields added to it if you wish to advertise with Patreon or Tipeee:

patreon: Place the URL for a Patreon campaign here, and it will appear under your script's description when selected. (e.g."<name>")
tipeee: Place the URL for a Tipeee here, and it will appear under your script's description when selected. (e.g. "<name>")

For more information, see

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