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API ScriptAuthor: PaprikaCC
Version: 1.2
Last Modified: 2017-02-17
Dependencies: PathMath, Vector Math, MatrixMath
Conflicts: None

Main Page: API:Script Index

A script that displaces tokens based on their size & distance from an explosion or implosion effect. KABOOM is primarily triggered through chat messages, although it also exposes a function so other scripts may use it in automated events, or as a part of some other effect chain.


The basic chat command follows this format:

!KABOOM effect-power [ effect-radius [ options [ --default-options]]] !KABOOM -15 50 no scatter --blood
Making Things Explode with the KABOOM! API

Help Command:

!KABOOM --help

When you use KABOOM as a chat command, you need to have a token selected. ONLY effect-power is required. Everything else is optional.

Full documentation:

  • Parameters
    • effect-power is the strength of the force moving tokens away or towards from the explosion point. It is measured in the same units listed on the page. Effect-power can be negative if you want to pull things towards the object instead of pushing away.
    • effect-radius is the maximum distance that the script search for objects to manipulate. If something is beyond this point, it will not move. Defaults to effect-power * explosion_ratio. This is always parsed as positive.
    • options are either 'vfx', 'no vfx', 'no-vfx', 'invisible', 'invis' to change whether an explosion effect appears, or 'scatter' and 'no scatter' if you want to scatter tokens away from the explosion/implosion point more randomly.

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