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ZeroFrame(Forum) provides a way to organize, order, and loop over the other meta-scripts in the Meta-Toolbox. It can unpack inline rolls right in the command line, and lets you defer things like inline roll detection or the syntax token (the structures that would trigger the other meta-scripts) by escaping the text with a backslash(/).


!0 config            =>    displays the ZeroFrame configuration (showing script priorities and handles)
!0 sm|20             =>    sets the priority of SelectManager to 20
!0 logic|75 set|80   =>    multiple meta-scripts can be set in one statement (APILogic to 75, Muler Setting to 80)
{& 0 get sm }        =>    an inline tag for calls to another script changing the default loop order
                           for this call (only), the order will be Muler Get, SelectManager, then the other scripts in default order
.value               =>    inline token to reduce an inline roll to its value (i.e., [[1d10]].value or $[[0]].value )
{& log}              =>    inline tag to output the ZeroFrame log
{& flat}             =>    send the resulting message to the chat (no further API interaction), only detected after the loop finishes
{& stop}             =>    stops further processing (no chat, no API); only detected after the loop finishes

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