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SelectManager(Forum) helps API-generated messages remember what tokens are selected (they would otherwise not know), and lets you send commands to other scripts using the !forselected-handle. It also lets you "virtually" select tokens to ease interaction with the map.



No direct call interaction                                     => SM can hand off tokens automatically
!forselected spawn...                                          => iterates a spawn script over the selected tokens
!forselected !spawn...                                         => same, including the exclamation point for downstream script
!forselected(^) spawn @^(selected.token_id)                    => custom escape character for downstream script
{& select Jax, Heretic}                                        => replace selected tokens with comma-separated list
                                                                  (token ID, name,  or near name)
{& inject Jax}                                                 => Add Jax to the selected tokens, if not already included
{& select get.TheParty}                                        => Use a Muled variable "TheParty" to retrieve comma-separated list
                                                                  (requires Muler script)
{& select get.?{Select...|Party,TheParty|Townies,TownNPCs|...  => Utilize Roll20 query to choose the selected token set at run time
                                                                  (example requires Muler script)
!script --@forselected+|token-mod ...                          => forselected as downstream call, initiating downstream call
                                                                  (scriptcards calling forselected calling token-mod)


Calling tokens by name with TokenMod(normally you can't reference tokens by name):

!token-mod --ids {& select Charlie, Dino} --current-page --move =90|1g

With a command line like:

!forselected(^) somescript --tgt|@^(selected.token_id)

...what is sent to chat by forselected will be:

!somescript --tgt|@(selected.token_id)

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