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Links to live info on Roll20's current status.

If you experience slowdown, connection issues or similar on Roll20, you can check out these resources to get a better idea if your issues are experienced by other Roll20 users or if your issues are limited to just you. (If only you have problems, it could be

  • Shows status of Roll20's separate services like the main site, Dice Engine, the different game shards campaigns are located on
  • - Roll20 - shows user-reported outages in the last 24 hours
  • Twitter @roll20app Roll20 usually update twitter(& possible other social medias) for big outages/site-wide issues, and provide live update on situations.
  • Notification Banner on Main site - Sometimes roll20 shows a notification on the website highlighting issues they are getting many reports for and are working on resolving. This banner might not be visible when you're inside a game.

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