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Solving Technical Issues

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Attention: Roll20 is no longer maintaining this document on the community wiki. For the most up-to-date information please visit this page on our help center for assistance: Here.

Sometimes technical issues can get in the way of your Roll20 experience. Here's a quick process you can follow that may help solve any technical issues you encounter.

Follow these steps in order, checking to see if the problem is solved after each step. These steps will help fix many common issues, including:

  • Game pages/maps show as totally blank
  • Game pages/maps show as a tiny strip across the top of the screen
  • Stuck at the black "Loading..." screen for more than 30 seconds.

If your issue has to do with audio, your microphone, video, video chat, or your camera, please visit the Video and Voice Chat Troubleshooting Guide before following the steps below.



Step 1: Make sure to use the right browser

Your browser is the software application that lets you access websites, like Roll20. While Roll20 will work in a variety of browsers, in order to maximize your playing experience and take advantage of everything that Roll20 can do, you should use the latest version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Due to bleeding-edge features, we are unable to support beta versions of web browsers.

When troubleshooting, please check to see if issues persist when using both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

If you are a Pro or Plus subscriber (or your GM is), you may access Roll20 on a tablet device. For specific information about that, see the Mobile Tablet Support page.

Step 2: Ensure that there are no extensions/addons interfering with Roll20

This is by far the most common cause of problems with Roll20. Often, third-party addons/extensions (also known as "toolbars" or "adware") inject scripts into all the web pages that you visit. Roll20 is very sensitive to this type of interference because it has many more moving parts than a typical website.

In Google Chrome

You can view a list of your extensions and disable or remove them by following these instructions:

In Mozilla Firefox

You can view a list of your addons and disable or remove them by following these instructions:

If you see any extensions or addons that you do not recognize, disable them while using Roll20, or even remove them entirely. You don't need any addons or extensions for your browser to function properly, so only keep them if they add additional functionality to your browser that you use on a regular basis.

Check Antivirus/Firewall Software

If you are having trouble with images loading or loading issues in general, please also make sure that any antivirus or firewall software that you have installed (such as Comodo, Norton, etc.) is not blocking any part of the Roll20 site from loading.

Step 3: Clear your cache

Your browser automatically stores frequently-used pieces of information so that you don't have re-download them everytime you visit a website. However, sometimes errors can occur with Roll20 if a piece of information your browser has stored is too out of date.

In Google Chrome

Follow these instructions:

In Mozilla Firefox

Follow these instructions:

Step 4: Provide a bug report

If none of the above steps resolved the issue, we may be able to help further if you provide us with information about what exactly is going on with your specific game session. You can post a bug report to Roll20 through the Help Center's web form

The things we need with every bug report are:

  • A detailed description of the issue. The more information you can give us, the better able we'll be to fix the issue promptly!
  • Step by step instructions on how to reproduce the issue.
  • Your computer's settings (A good place to find this info if you don't know it is Support Details):
    • Web Browser
    • Browser Version
    • Operating System
    • If Javascript is enabled
    • Your anti-virus software
    • List of any browser add-ons or extensions enabled
  • You can optionally include screenshots by using the "Attach a File" link when submitting a post.
  • A Console Log from the moment you logged into the page through when you encountered the issue.

A console log is a listing of the activity that Roll20 is doing while you play, so we can spot anything that deviates from the norm. Follow the instructions below to open your log, then just copy and paste everything into your bug report to Roll20 through the Help Center's web form

In Google Chrome

Use the keyboard shortcut: Command - Option - J (Mac) or Control -Shift -J (Windows/Linux).

If that doesn't work, follow these instructions:

In Mozilla Firefox

Use the keyboard shortcut: Control-Shift-K (Command-Option-K on the Mac)

If that doesn't work, follow these instructions:

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