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Bob D.

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Hello, and a good day to you. My name is Bob De Mars, and I love to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition). I also spent a little time playing OD&D with my kids. I also like board games like Axis & Allies, Castle Panic, and other games of high adventure.

I currently play in a 1st edition AD&D campaign on Roll20 every other Friday, and have been playing with this group since early September 2017. Our group uses the Dungeons and Dragons - Advanced 2nd Edition (simple sheet) character sheet found in the roll20 sheet library. We have a lot of macros that use this template. I am currently working on a 1st edition AD&D macro wiki page for this template. There currently are some macro pages for this template, but they are all based on 2nd edition AD&D. To avoid confusion I decided to create a separate macro resource page for this template but for 1st edition AD&D Rules.

Sometimes, you gotta roll the hard six" -- Commander William Adama