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(AD&D (Dungeons and Dragons 2e))
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==== Pathfinder ====
==== Pathfinder ====
PFRPG-ALL-IN-ONEPathfinder Character Sheet Generator v3Character sheet generator for PathfinderInspired Collection
* [[Script:Pathfinder:All_In_One|All In One]] --
* [[Script:Pathfinder:Character_Sheet_Generator_v3|Pathfinder Character Sheet Generator v3]] --
* [[Script:Pathfinder:Character_Sheet_Generator|Character Sheet Generator]] --
* [[Script:Pathfinder:Inspired_Collection|Inspired Collection]] --
==== Star Wars Saga ====
==== Star Wars Saga ====

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Work in Progress

Scripts By Category

General Purpose Scripts

Combat Scripts

Tokens - Conditions / Status / Health

Tokens - Movement

Lighting and Revealing

  • Light Switch -- Script for turning on and off lights with chat commands.
  • !reveal command -- Automatically moves tokens from the GM layer to objects layer, making them reveal to players.
  • Light is Closing In... -- A light reduction script for token movement.

Characters - Equipment





Game Specific Scripts

Edge of the Empire

DnD 4th Edition

Zombie Dice

Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game

HERO System

AD&D (Dungeons and Dragons 2e)


Star Wars Saga

Star Wars Saga Edition Character Sheet

Fantasy Craft 2nd Printing

Fantasy Craft (2nd printing) - Standard character token managementFantasy Craft - Standard character damage save

API Docs

API Cookbook

API Best Practices