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Bug Report

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How the Bug Report/Contact Form page looks like on the Help Center
This is a Community guide on how to get best results in reporting Bug or Issue with Roll20, and where to do it. Check also Roll20 FAQ that mentions solutions to many common issues.

If you're unsure, submit issues through Help Center's web form.

There exists a Bug Reports & Technical Issues-Forums, but Roll20 only keeps tab on their few sticked megathread for large Updates such as UDL. Most other post in the section will go ignored by Roll20, but get help and answers from the community.


Types of Issue


If you have an issue with your account, payment, or want to report a bout to Roll20, you do so though The Help Center's web form.

Character Sheets

By Roll20

If you have an Issue with one of the big Official Roll20 Character Sheets (any sheet that has by Roll20 in it's name), such as D&D 5E by Roll20, Pathfinder Second Edition by Roll20, you should check the megathreads for those sheets in the Character Sheet Subforum, and report issues in that thread.

For issues with any by Roll20-sheet that doesn't seem to have their own thread, report the issue though the web form, rather than create a forum post.

Other Sheets

Sheets created by the community or maintained by the publisher should be reported through the preferred method mentioned on the sheet's info page, but if nothing is mentioned on the sheet, post in the Character Sheet Subforum otherwise.

Bugs on community-created character sheets are not something Roll20 acts on usually.

Updated Dynamic Lighting

Roll20 does have a Bug Forum, but they seem to be moving away from it, only maintaining a megathread for reporting Updated Dynamic Lighting-related issues, but otherwise only addressing issues reported through the web form.


Pages related to troubleshooting