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Custom Roll Parsing

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Revision as of 18:41, 21 September 2021 by Andreas J. (Talk | contribs)

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Main Article: Building Character Sheets

Custom Roll Parsing (CRP) is a new capability for character sheets can now combine the functionality of roll buttons and action buttons to allow for a new custom roll parsing. It was release July 13th, 2021.


Currently you can only display computed values in the first 10 fields that are sent in the macro.


<button type="action" name="act_test">Click me</button>

<rolltemplate class="sheet-rolltemplate-test">
    <div class="sheet-template-container">
        <div class="sheet-results">
            <h4>Result = {{roll1}}</h4>
            <h4>Custom Result = {{computed::roll1}}</h4>

<script type="text/worker">
    on('clicked:test', (info) => {
        startRoll("&{template:test} {{name=Test}} {{roll1=[[1d20]]}}", (results) => {
            const total = results.results.roll1.result
            const computed = total % 4;

                    roll1: computed

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