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Character Sheet Development/Feature Updates

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Changelog on updates to the system for creating & editing Roll20 Character Sheets. This page also list any updates that are available for testing on the Dev Server.

See also the Character Sheet Development/Bugs page for know bugs in the Roll20 sheet creation system.


Planned Updates

New Sheet Ecosystem

There are plans for major updates to the sheet system.

Details from Q&A with CTO Morgan Buck - Operation Fire Bolt + Product Updates June 22nd 2022

CTO Morgan B.:
"For developers our existing character sheet system is pretty archaic and you have to know a lot about hacks and workarounds to make a really incredible sheet. Our goal is to create a system where developers can bring their existing experience with web app development to Roll20 character sheets and make some really incredible tools. We're going to start with experimenting with this internally, so the first thing you'll see is some significant level ups to the sheets we're outputting. Once we sort out security we hope to make these tools available to everyone."
CTO Morgan B.:
[...] "The new character sheets will also expose a lot of functionality that was previously API only to sheets so that they can be more powerful out of the box. Some of the most common functionality of critical API scripts will end up being covered by that work." [...]

response to question about "multiple sheets per game"-suggestion:

[...] "The new sheet ecosystems we're developing allow for a much more maintainable and modern sheet, and doing those as a single sheet application would allow for code sharing and many other desirable things. In the new ecosystem each sheet is effectively a web application that can utilize all of the organizational tools a modern web developer would expect, which would allow for solid segmentation of the code for these sheets modes."


Community Updates


  • When opening a character in the VTT, the character sheet will be the first tab, instead of Bio tab.


  • Adjusted styling for "Custom Sheet Sandbox" and "Access the Dev Server" on the "My Games" page while in dark mode.
  • CSS & Styling of the site was updated, which caused styling issues for a small number of community sheets.
    • PR #10902 was caused by this. Official Savage Worlds also had CSS issues but they where resolved on Roll20's side.


  • Fixed a roll macros issue where computed rows displayed in allProps if a property wasn't named.








  • Mobile App update
    • Added support for jQuery functions in character sheets - Sept. 7th


  • Character Sheets - Add pseudo-variable to allow Sheet Authors to scope roll templates. August 17, 2021(Forum)
  • Character Sheets - Added Environment Variables for Sheet Authors to scope sheetworkers.



  • Now on Dev Server: Image Attributes(Forum) - 26th
    • making it possible to dynamically change images shown on the sheet from custom urls, changing background-images, and ability to show character avatar & tokens directly on the sheet.


  • fixed issues with @import Release Note for April 27, 2021(Forum)
    • if a @import exists, it seems it might result in roll20 ignoring the first instance of the next css class in the file, workaround is to add an empty, "sacrificial" version of the class first that will be eaten up, and the one after will work normally
  • Most initial bugs with Character Sheet Enhancement have be fixed and the framework is now stable, and better than LCS.


Character Sheet Enhancement sheet update was fully released, expanding the html & css things that can be done with character sheets. This includes more options to make char sheets look good on the Roll20 Mobile app.



Bugs & Quirks

See Character Sheet Development/Bugs & Quirks. Any fixed bugs should be removed from the page and mentioned on this page's changelog.

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