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Dark Mode

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Dark Mode beta on Dev Server (Feb 4 2022)



Dark Mode was released March 2nd, 2022, after around a month's Beta on the Dev Server.

You can toggle it from y My Settings "personalization"-section, or from the Dark Mode toggle that can bee seen below the (old) Toolbar.

D&D 5E by Roll20
Character   Sheet
also got a dark mode, while other official sheet will get that later. Community-created character sheets needs to be updated separately to support this.

Character Sheets

As the Dark Mode is still somewhat recent, it will take time for Character Sheets creators(both Roll20, publisher & community-maintained) to adapt them to be Dark Mode compatible.

Sheets with Dark Mode:

  • As of March 24th 2022, around a dozen character sheets supports the native Dark Mode ( observation: Andreas J.)
  • There exists a larger number of sheets that had built-in their own "Dark Mode" or color-schemes into the sheets, but those needs to be turned on manually.
    • These are usually available in some form of "Options" tab or menu, commonly with a y or x icon.
  • Sheets that already had a dark color-scheme(Unknown number)
    • these probably works quite nicely with Dark Mode even if they don't explicitly support it, but might have minor artifacts that need to be adjusted.

See Character Sheet Development/Dark Mode for help with updating sheet to Dark Mode. Alternatively, you could create a Stylus snippet to fix a sheet for yourself. These Stylus-snippets can later be used by Sheet Authors when implementing Dark Mode for the sheet.

Main Site

To turn on Dark Mode for the main site/forums/marketplace go to My Account and under "Preferences" change the "Color Mode".

The Help Center, the Main Site, Forums, Marketplace, Compendium has dark mode, while the Community Wiki doesn't.

Community option for wiki dark mode using Stylus: Install | Roll20 Wiki Dark Mode by Andreas J.


Community-made Dark Modes

Using the Stylus-browser plugin, you can try using one of the community-made attempts at a Dark Mode. Some Are for the VTT itself & adjusted for the 5E sheet, while others have made Dark Modes for rest of the site.


A Dark Mode for Roll20 is a popular Feature Request, and from Feb 4, 2022 to March 2022 was available on the Dev Server for testing.

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