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This is a page describing the features available to free users who don't have either Plus or Pro subscription.

See the Subscription level Comparison & FAQ for a fairly comprehensive list of the subscription tiers, their perks, and Frequently Asked questions. See also the pages for Plus and Pro users.

Free Features

  • 100 Mb Storage - how much space you have on Roll20 to save your images, gifs & audio. Marketplace content doesn't count towards this limit.
  • Compendium Sharing 1 Game / 5 Players
  • Looking For Group listings - 2 listings
  • Fog of War - a simple tool to hide/show sections of the map to your players.
  • Character Vault - Partial Access - You can import character sheets from any of your games to your Character Vault, but you can only export sheets to new games if it's a game created with a marketplace module that gives "All Access" to the Character Vault, or if the game is created by a Plus or Pro user who have allowed it.
  • Roll20 Forums Access - You can post on the Roll20 forums if you have an account.

If you previously have had a subscription, features like Dynamic Lighting or API stops working in your games. If you have more saved in your P Art Library than your current limit, you have still access to everything, but you can't upload more until you have deleted enough so you have free space again.

Marketplace modules that have Dynamic Lighting require Plus or Pro subscription for the DL stuff to work, but are otherwise perfectly usable with a free account.

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