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Main Page: API:Script Index

Various APIs related to the Map that isn't related to Dynamic Lighting, nor focused on Tokens.

  • SmartAoE -- graphical interface for implementing AoE's on gridded maps to clearly show which squares are affected
  • Areas of Effect(Forum) -- let's players spawn AoE effects on the map(based on what GM made available.
  • DryErase(Forum) – An API that can stop players from drawing on the map.
  • Hexploration(Forum) -- Script allows the GM to conceal areas of a hex grid with individual opaque hexes. Then characters can explore the hexes to reveal them. Readme
  • MapLock -- Provides locking of graphics to prevent moving/resizing/rotating them. Also highlighting.
  • MapChange -- Provides an easy and user friendly way to move players between maps.
  • Radar(Forum) -- to simulate various types of radar, tremor sense etc. Includes options for DL.
  • Universal VTT Importer -- for importing DL settings and other info from maps created with the Universal VTT map format (.dd2vtt/.df2vtt/.Uvtt), as used by several map creator programs.
  • Page Navigator -- Easily move players from page to page, and allow players to move to pages by moving their tokens. Note: Version 2 have some known issues.
  • TruePageCopy -- Duplicate page graphics by chat command, or with the Duplicate Page button. (Partially obsolete since Roll20 implemented their update to Copying Pages in Q4 2020)