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Popular Feature Requests

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Main Page: Category:Unreleased/Highly Requested features

Roll20 have a Suggestions Forum, where people can vote & comment on suggestions, and Roll20 gives occasional updates on them, along with categorizing them so it's more clear what status they have.

Check the threads for any updates by Roll20 Staff, this page might not be up-to-date.

Some notable/popular Suggestions: (Updated Sept 2023)

  • Custom Compendium 1371 votes, Obstructed
    • Lots to do before Roll20 can start making it available to users, details on page
  • Print Character Sheets(Forum) , Completed
    • Print option was added to D&D 5E by Roll20
      Character   Sheet
      char sheet in Dec 2023, closing the thread
    • Partially implemented(May 2021) Roll20 have expanded the char sheet backend so sheet authors can implement a print-friendly version of the sheet using @media print CSS media query. More info on CSE#Print-Friendly

Related: Check Category:New features released by year for recently released features.


"This feature has been on our radar but passed over in favor of other major features or updates, and poses some interesting technical and moderation-based issues. I think we’ve found a solution that will satisfy the needs in this thread and finally get this work out into the world, so I’m moving this thread’s status from Researching and into Queued."