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Main Page: API:Script Index

API ScriptAuthor: Jakob
Version: 1.10
Last Modified: 2020-09-07
Code: ChatSetAttr
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: Possible for other scripts editing character stats
ChatSetAttr allows you to create, modify, or delete characters' attributes via chat commands (or macros containing these commands). (Version 1.10 is newer than v1.9 and v.1.8.)

This script is a utility that allows the user to create, modify, or delete character attributes via chat messages or macros. There are several options that determine which attributes are modified, and which characters the attributes are modified for.

The script is called by the command:

  • !setattr [--options], for creating or modifying attributes
    • !modattr [--options], shorthand for modifying attributes (same as !setattr --mod [--options])
  • !delattr [--options], for deleting attributes
  • !setattr-config is used posting the Global Configs to the chat, and to edit them



This is a partial documentation. See the sidebar for general macro creation on roll20, which can be useful with making ChatSetAttr commands.

See Readme for full documentation.

Selecting a target

One of the following options must be specified; they determine which characters are affected by the script.

  • --all will affect all characters in the game. USE WITH CAUTION
    • This option will only work for the GM. If you have a large number of characters in your campaign, this will take a while to process all attribute changes.
  • --allgm will affect all characters which do not have a controlling player set, which typically will be every character that is not a player character. USE WITH CAUTION
    • This option will only work for the GM.
  • --charid charid1, charid2, ... allows you to supply a list of character ids, and will affect characters whose ids come from this list.
    • Non-GM Players can only affect characters that they control.
  • --name name1, name2, ... allows you to supply a list of character names, and will look for a character with this name to affect.
    • Non-GM Players can only affect characters that they control.
  • --sel will affect all characters that are represented by tokens you have currently selected.
    • --charid @{target|character_id} works as a substitute. When embedded into other macros, the --sel parameter doesn't seem to work, so the substitute is needed.


  • !setattr --sel --Strength|15 will set the Strength attribute for 15 for all selected characters.
  • !setattr --name John --HP|17|27 --Dex|10 will set HP to 17 out of 27 and Dex to 10 for the character John (only one of them, if more than one character by this name exists).
  • !delattr --all --gold will delete the attribute called gold from all characters, if it exists.
  • !setattr --sel --mod --Strength|5 will increase the Strength attribute of all selected characters by 5, provided that Strength is either empty or has a numerical value - it will fail to have an effect if, for example, Strength has the value 'Very big'.
  • !setattr --sel --Ammo|%Ammo_max% will reset the Ammo attribute for the selected characters back to its maximum value.
  • If the current value of attr1 is 3 and the current value of attr2 is 2, !setattr --sel --evaluate --attr3|2*%attr1% + 7 - %attr2% will set the current value of attr3 to 11.

Inline roll example

You can also embed the ChatSetAttr command into normal/existing macros, such as using them with Roll Templates. You essentially tell the API to start reading any chat macros with !setattr/!modattr/!delattr, and it will do so until it sees !!!.

Note: it seems --sel parameter doesn't work for inline macros, so you need to use --charid @{target|character_id} instead.

&{template:default} {{name=Cthulhu}} !modattr --silent --charid @{target|character_id} --sanity|-{{Sanity damage=[[2d10+2]]}} --corruption|{{Corruption=Corruption increases by [[1]]}}!!! {{description=Text}}
Display the result from example(Purple box). The (From ChatSetAttr) part shows what happens if the --silent parameter is removed from the macro.


  • (&{template:default} {{name=Cthulhu}}) uses the default roll template to display & structure the roll
  • (!modattr) tells to modify existing stats (if no such stats exists, they won't be created)
  • (--silent) tells SetChatAttr to not send to chat a summary of stat changes
  • (--charid @{target|character_id}) asks to pick target for the roll (The token must be linked to a character sheet for the stat-changes to work)
  • (--sanity|) selects to edit sanity stat for the character
  • (-{{Sanity damage=[[2d10+2]]}}) the - tells to subtract the next number/Inline Roll from the sanity stat. In this case, the next number is an inline roll([[2d10+2]]) embedded in a Roll Template block {{ }}
  • (--corruption|) selects to edit corruption stat for the character
  • ({{Corruption=Corruption increases by [[1]]}}) the API then evaluates the next roll, which is simply a number, and increases the stat with the value
  • (!!!) tells API to stops evaluating the roll
  • ({{description=Text}}) rest of Roll Template is ignored by API.

If a macro had rolls after the (!!!), they wouldn't change any stats on the sheet.

The reason why ChatSetAttr works so well with Roll Templates is because anything written between the Roll Template blocks {{ }} will not show up in the chat:

&{template:default} {{name=Test Attack}} nothing written here is displayed in the chat {{attack=[[1d20+3]]}}

Many character sheets with more sophisticated roll templates have specific blocks that isn't shown in the chat either, but might be used for adjusting how/if other sections are displayed.

Global Configurations

There are three global configuration options which can be toggled either on the One Click Install-page, or by entering !setattr-config in chat.

  • playersCanModify, will give players the possibility of modifying characters they don't control
  • playersCanEvaluate, will give players the possibility of reading the stats of characters they don't control, with the --evaluate option
  • useWorkers, will determine if the script triggers sheet workers on use. Should normally be toggled on.


This script might conflict with other API that edits character stats, but shouldn't be an issue unless some other script is made to automatically edit same stats as ChatSetAttr. If you have an Ammo Tracking script that reduces the ammo spent from the character, it shouldn't be a problem unless you also incorporated CharSetAttr into the diceroll.

Examples by users

Add your own, more complete examples here so others can see them.

Change one stat on all characters

Stargate#ChatSetAttr by Andreas J.

!setattr --all --td|d8

Sets the value of the td-attribute to be d8 for all character sheets. (td stands for "Tension Die", and it can have a value between d4 to d12, representing the general tension level of the session, so it's a shared value for all characters)

Heal another character

Stargate#ChatSetAttr by Andreas J.

Example of ChatSetAttr used inline within a normal char sheet roll.

&{template:stargate} {{color=green}} {{title=Short Rest}} !modbattr --silent --charid @{target|character_id} --hp|{{Roll=[[@{target|hd}]]}}!!! {{desc=Rolls the Hit Dice and recovers that many Hit Points. }}

(Works when saved in a sheet's A&A-tab, or is rolled for a roll button in a sheet.) This will prompt you to select a token, and then will roll that character's HD, and increase the characters HP by the result. Token must be linked to a character sheet for this to work.

Add new thing to Repeating Section

This is a complete example of how to add a new entry in a repeating section, along with populating it's stats at the same time. Can be useful as a template to add adding custom items to players quickly.

  • The command makes the SetChatAttr message public, and describes the event with a custom description(that the item was picked up from the chest)
  • The command adds a new item(Cloak of Excellence, a custom magic item) to a selected character's inventory (Using D&D 5E by Roll20 character sheet).
  • The item is equipped, and adds +2 AC & +1 to Saving Throws for the character, and has a custom description. The magic item is essentially a more powerful version of Cloak of Protection
!setattr --sel --fb-public --fb-header Aquiring Magic Item --fb-content The Cloak of Excellence from the chest by a character. --repeating_inventory_-CREATE_itemname|Cloak of Excellence --repeating_inventory_-CREATE_itemcount|1 --repeating_inventory_-CREATE_itemweight|3 --repeating_inventory_-CREATE_equipped|1 --repeating_inventory_-CREATE_itemmodifiers|Item Type: Wondrous item, AC +2, Saving Throws +1 --repeating_inventory_-CREATE_itemcontent|(Requires Attunment)A purple cape, that feels heavy to the touch, but light to carry. It has gnomish text embroiled near the collar.

Adjust the number of Uses remaining

PF Community sheet... be sure to use the rowID associated with the repeating ability you want to target. You can adjust the current uses of an ability with chatsetattr using something like;

!setattr --sel --repeating_ability_-mm2dso76ircbi5dtea3_used|[[?{How many are left?|0}]]

Toggle Buffs

PF Community sheet...

be sure to use the rowID associated with the repeating buff you want to target.

!setattr --sel --repeating_buff2_-mfyn0yxatk2wbh0km4d_enable_toggle|[[1-@{selected|repeating_buff2_-mfyn0yxatk2wbh0km4d_enable_toggle}]]

Toggle Gear

PF Community sheet...

So you could make an item "DROP PACK" or whatever.., that includes a negative weight and toggle it as Carried or change quantity when you want to "DROP PACK". You could also create a single macro that toggles multiple items as well.

be sure to use the rowID associated with the repeating item you want to target.

Carried/Not Carried:

!setattr --sel --repeating_item_-njjkfxsxzf7lzfzbibc_location|[[1-@{selected|repeating_item_-njjkfxsxzf7lzfzbibc_location}]]

Quantity 0/1:

!setattr --sel --repeating_item_-njjkfxsxzf7lzfzbibc_qty|[[1-@{selected|repeating_item_-njjkfxsxzf7lzfzbibc_qty}]]

Roll & spend Character Point

Star Wars D6 Sheet by Andreas J.

Spend a number of Character Points to roll extra dice, and automatically subtract the number from the characterPoints stat. ChatSetAttr is embedded into the original macro used on the sheet.

Three versions of the same macro:

Choose character name(here "Bob" is used)

&{template:black} {{name=Character points roll}} !modattr --silent --name Bob --characterPoints|-[[?{Number of char points to spend on roll|1|2|3|4|5}]] !!! {{Roll=[[?{Number of char points to spend on roll|1|2|3|4|5}d6!cf0cs6]]}}

Do the roll based on selected token(s):

&{template:black} {{name=Character points roll}} !modattr --silent --charid @{selected|character_id} --characterPoints|-[[?{Number of char points to spend on roll|1|2|3|4|5}]] !!! {{Roll=[[?{Number of char points to spend on roll|1|2|3|4|5}d6!cf0cs6]]}}

Target token from the map:

&{template:black} {{name=Character points roll}} !modattr --silent --charid @{target|character_id} --characterPoints|-[[?{Number of char points to spend on roll|1|2|3|4|5}]] !!! {{Roll=[[?{Number of char points to spend on roll|1|2|3|4|5}d6!cf0cs6]]}}

Creating multiple new rows in a repeating section


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