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Text Chat/API

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Main Page: API:Script Index

Various APIs that primarily help you out by creating API commands & options that can be used in the q Text Chat.

  • ChatSetAttr -- Create, modify, and delete character attributes via chat commands or macros.
  • ChatTurnManager -- A script to simplify Turn Order Management, and move it into chat.
  • Check It Out(Forum) -- allows players to examine nearby objects(tokens) and learn more information about them by having a message appear in the chat. Can be set up with system-specific properties, such as automated Investigation skill checks that reveal more information based on the rolled result. Readme
  • Dialog(Forum) -- a script that makes chat a bit more fun and easier to parse, especially for games that don't use voice. It also makes it much easier to get the GM's attention in a busy game.sourcecode, by Keith
  • DiscreteWhisper -- multi-recipient whispers with asides and buttons
  • emas -- Provides player !emas and !as commands.(emote as)
  • ScriptCards -- A scripting language in a Mod Script. Used to produce nicely formatted output cards for attacks, spells, and other abilities. Successor to PowerCards
  • SuperNotes Mod to pull descriptions from token/character descriptions, Bio, GM fields & more as an caht message. Later version comes with 10 different chat template options.
  • PowerCards -- Create nicely formatted output cards for attacks, spells, and other abilities.
  • Message of the Day -- Greets players that log in with the contents of a particular note.
  • Rollable Table Macros -- Use macros and chat commands with rollable tables
  • Changes how normal macros and API Script calls are processed:
    • MetaMacros -- Precompiler enabling C-style textual substitution macros in macro definitions.
    • Meta-Toolbox -- collection of meta scripts
      • SelectManager -- a way to preserve the portions of a message that are present in a user-generated message but lost in an api-generated message (the selected tokens, who sent the message, and the playerid).
    • Category:API Meta Scripts

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