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AD&D 2E Spell Macros

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This is a compilation of spell macros written for use with the Dungeons and Dragons - Advanced 2nd Edition (simple sheet) character sheet found in the roll20 sheet library.

They use the 2Espell-Roll Templates built into the sheet.

To add your own macros to this wiki page please edit the appropriate spell level heading. Feel free to view other macro entries while in edit mode to see how to add the appropriate code so that your macro displays consistently. Also please feel free to post to the current 2E Macros to Share(Forum) thread when you've added a macro here so that others can receive a notification of the update.


Spell Macros for AD&D 2nd Edition

Do Not Edit Macros Submitted by Other Users!!!
If you have a variation of an existing macro please just add it as an additional example.

Casting Level Limiters
According to the principles set forth in "DM's Option: High Level Campaigns" spell errata, DMs may find it wise to apply one of the following casting level limiters to your spell's damage, duration, range, etc. in order to maintain the balance of the spellcasting classes at higher levels. The basic principle is the same for both Priest and Wizard spells and is executed as follows:

For spell levels 1-3, casting levels are limited to level 10 thusly:

[[0+({10,?{CASTING LEVEL? Class:@{selected|class} Level:@{selected|level}|1}}kl1)*1]]

For spell levels 4-6, casting levels are limited to level 20 thusly:

[[0+({20,?{CASTING LEVEL? Class:@{selected|class} Level:@{selected|level}|1}}kl1)*1]]

For spell levels 7-9, casting levels are limited to level 30 thusly:

[[0+({30,?{CASTING LEVEL? Class:@{selected|class} Level:@{selected|level}|1}}kl1)*1]]

The following examples utilize the limiters for the 3rd level Fireball Spell's range...

{{range=[[30+({10,?{CASTING LEVEL? Class:@{selected|class} Level:@{selected|level}|1}}kl1)*30]] Feet}}

...and damage, with a few minor modifications to facilitate in-line dice rolls.

{{damage=[[[[({10,?{CASTING LEVEL? Class:@{selected|class} Level:@{selected|level}|1}}kl1)]]D6]] Fire Damage}}

Wizard Spells

To add a new spell macro:
Edit this heading, copy the code immediately following these instructions, paste it under the listing for the appropriate spell level, and change the Spell Name, Author (we really do want to give you credit for the contribution!), and paste your macro code between the nowiki tags! For copyright purposes do not paste the complete spell description here, but rather a reference to where the spell can be found for clarification.

Spell Name by Author! (Source)
Your Macro Here!

Level 1

AD&D 2nd edition Roll20 1st level wizard spells by Howart & Surok
Raw formatted 1st level wizard spells
Armor by Gargamond
/w gm &{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} CASTS ARMOR AS A LEVEL [[?{CASTING LEVEL?Class:@{selected|class} Level:@{selected|level}|1}]] CASTER}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Conjuration/Summoning}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[1]] Round}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=Lasts until the target takes [[8+({10,?{CASTING LEVEL?Class:@{selected|class} Level:@{selected|level}|1}}kl1)]] points of damage}}{{aoe=Creature Touched}}{{save=None}}{{effects=Bestows an AC of [[6]] No effect on armored targets or creatures with AC [[6]] or better. It is not cumulative with the shield spell, but it does stack with Dexterity, and physical shields. Until it is dispelled, the armor spell grants the wearer full benefits of the Armor Class gained.}}
Burning Hands by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Burning Hands}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration}}{{components=V, S}}{{time=[[1]]}}{{range=[[0]]}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{aoe=The caster}}{{save=Half Damage}}{{effects=A jet of flames bursts forth from the caster's fingertips. The flames fan out to [[5]] feet and span in a [[120]] degree arc. They cause [[1d3+{20,(ceil((@{selected|level}*2)))}kl1)]] points of damage or half if a successful Save vs. Spell is made.}}
Charm Person by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Charm Person}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Enchantment/Charm}}{{components=V, S}}{{time=[[1]]}}{{range=[[120]] yards}}{{duration=Time based}}{{aoe=[[1]] person}}{{save=Negate}}{{effects=The person being targets must make a Save vs. Spell adjusted for Wisdom or become charmed by the spellcaster. A further bonus of +[[1]] for each point of damage the target has received is add to the Saving Throw if hurt by the caster's group. If the target fails, they consider the caster a trusted friend and ally that is to be heeded and protected. The target is allowed another Saving Throw on a periodic basis based on their Intelligence. If two or more charms effects hit the target simultaneously, it is up to the DM to decide what happens. It is important to note that the subject will have a full memory of the events that take place while they were charmed. [[3]] or less: [[3]] months [[4]]-[[6]]: [[2]] months [[7]]-[[9]]: [[1]] month [[10]]-[[12]]: [[3]] weeks [[13]]-[[14]]: [[2]] weeks [[15]]-[[16]]: [[1]] week [[17]]: [[3]] days [[18]]: [[2]] days [[19]] or more: [[1]] day}}
Chill Touch by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Chill Touch}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Necromancy}}{{components=V, S}}{{time=[[1]] Segment}}{{range=[[0]]}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level}+3]] Rounds}}{{aoe=Creatures Touched}}{{save=Negates}}{{damage=[[1]] STR plus [[d4]]}}{{damagetype=Necrotic}}{{effects=The caster's hand is enveloped by a cold blue glow which attacks the life force of any living creature which the wizard successfully touches. Affected creatures must Save vs. Spell to avoid the effects. Creatures not rated for Strength suffer a [[0-1]] penalty to their attack rolls for each successful touch. Lost Strength returns at the rate of [[1]] point per hour. Undead touched by the caster suffer no damage or Strength loss but instead must Save vs. Spell or flee for [[d4+@{selected|level}]] rounds.}}
Chromatic Orb by Tyrone (The Complete Wizard's Handbook)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Chromatic Orb at @{target|token_name}}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration, Evocation}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[1]]}}{{range=[[0]]}}{{duration=Special}}{{aoe=[[1]] creature}}{{save=Negates}}{{effects=?{Orb Colour?|White, **White** causes [[d4]] points of damage and has the *Light* spell effect on the target. It lasts [[1]] round.|Red, **Red** causes [[d6]] points of damage and has the *Heat* effect which makes the target suffer a loss of [[0-1]] to Strength and Dexterity (or AC and to hit in the case of creatures). It lasts [[1]] round.|Orange, **Orange** causes [[d8]] points of damage and has the *Fire* effect which ignites all combustibles within [[3]] feet of the victim.|Yellow, **Yellow** causes [[d10]] points of damage and has the *Blindness* effect as per the spell. It lasts [[@{selected|level}]] rounds.|Green, **Green** causes [[d12]] points of damage and has the *Stinking Cloud* effect which the target must Save vs. Spell or be reeling until they leave the area of effect. It is [[5]] feet in diameter.|Turquoise, **Turquoise** causes [[2d4]] points of damage and has the *Magnetism* effect which only affects those employing iron arms or armour. The effect magically magnetises for [[3d4]] rounds. Anything iron made coming within [[3]] feet of the magnetised arms and armour will stick to them. A successful *Dispel Magic* will end this effect.|Blue, **Blue** causes [[2d8]] points of damage and paralyses the target for [[2d8+4]] rounds or half as many on a successful Save vs. Paralysation.|Violet, **Violet** has the *Petrification* effect and will turn the target to stone unless they Save vs. Petrification. If successful; the target will instead be slowed for [[2d4]] rounds as per the spell.|Black, **Black** has the *Death* effect and will outright kill the target unless they Save vs. Death Magic. If successful; the target will instead be paralysed for [[1d4+1]] rounds.} A 4-inch sphere that can be hurled at a chosen target appears in the caster's hand. It can be hurled up to 30 yards away. The caster gets a +[[3]] against those within 10 yards, a +[[2]] against those withing 10-20 yards and a +[[1]] against those within 20-30 yards. It will have the effect that the caster chooses.}}
Color Spray by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Color Spray}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration}}{{range=[[0]]}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{time=[[1]] segment}}{{aoe=[[5]]x[[20]]x[[20]] ft wedge}}{{save=Special}}{{effects=Upon casting this spell, the wizard causes a vivid, fan-shaped spray of clashing colors to spring forth from his hand. Up to [[1d6]] creatures within the area are affected in order of increasing distance from the wizard. All creatures above the level of the spellcaster and all those of 6th level or 6 Hit Dice or more are entitled to a saving throw vs. spell. Blind or unseeing creatures are not affected by the spell. Creatures not allowed or failing saving throws, and whose Hit Dice or levels are less than or equal to the spellcaster's level, are struck unconscious for [[2d4]] rounds; those with Hit Dice or levels up to 2 greater than the wizard's level are blinded for [[1d4]] round(s); those with Hit Dice or levels 3 or more greater than that of the spellcaster are stunned for [[1]] round.}}
Corpse Visage by Tyrone (The Complete Wizard's Handbook)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Corpse Visage}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Illusion, Necromancy}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[1]] round}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level}]] rounds}}{{aoe=Creature touched}}{{save=Negates}}{{effects=The effect of this illusion is so startling that the party of the caster is a part of can add a +[[2]] modifier to their surprise roll. Creatures of low Intelligence or higher and have [[1]] Hit Dice or less (Includes 1st level or lower characters or NPCs) must Save vs. Spell or flee in terror for [[1d4]] rounds. This spell does not distinguish between friend and foe so all are subject to its effects. Unwilling victims are allowed a Saving Throw vs. Spell.}}
Detect Undead by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Detect Undead}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Necromancy}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=1 round}}{{range=0}}{{duration=[[3]] Turns}}{{aoe=[[10]] x [[@{selected|level}*10+60]] ft. line}}{{save=None}}{{effects=Enables the caster to detect all undead creatures within the spell's range in the direction the caster is facing. Scanning a direction requires one round and the caster must be motionless. It detects undead through walls and obstacles but is blocked by 1 foot of solid stone 1 yard of wood or loose earth or a thin coating of metal. The spell does not indicate the type of undead detected only that undead are present.The material component for this spell is a bit of earth from a grave.}}
Enlarge by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Enlarge}}{{school=Alteration}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[1]] segment}}{{range=[[15*@{selected|level}]] feet}}{{duration=[[5*@{selected|level}]] Rounds}}{{aoe=1 creature or object}}{{save=Negates}}{{effects=This spell causes instant growth of a creature (and all of their gear) or object that does not exceed 10 cubic feet in volume per caster level. Caster must have line of sight on the target. Target grows up to 10% per level of the wizard, affecting height, width and weight. Unwilling victims are entitled to a saving throw vs. spell to resist the effect. If insufficient room is available for the desired growth, the creature or object attains the maximum possible size, bursting weak enclosures in the process, but it is constrained without harm by stronger materials--the spell cannot be used to crush a creature by growth. Magical properties are not increased by this spell--a huge sword +1 is still only +1. A creature's HP, AC, and attack rolls do not change, but damage rolls increase proportionately with size.}}
Identify by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Identify}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Divination}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[8]] hours to prepare items}}{{range=[[0]]}}{{duration=[[1*@{selected|level}]] rounds}}{{aoe=[[1*@{selected|level}]] items}}{{save=None}}{{effects=The caster must spend [[8]] hours prior to the casting cleansing the items. Handling the items may bring about consequences however. There is a [[90, 10*@{selected|level}]]% chance of learning a piece of information about an item. Any roll exceeding [[96]]% is a false reading. If a reading is failed, then the caster must gain a new level of experience before attempting the *Identify* again. Some items will resist such Divination and as result will not be identified. After the casting of this spell is finished, the caster loses [[8]] points of Constitution and must rest [[8]] hours to recover the lost points. If the casters Constitution drops below [[1]], he falls unconscious and will not regain consciousness for [[24]] hours.}}
Light by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Light}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration}}{{components=V, M}}{{time=[[1]] segment}}{{range=[[60]] yards}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level}]] turns}}{{aoe=[[20]] ft radius}}{{save=Special}}{{effects=This spell creates a luminous glow, equal to torchlight, within a fixed radius of the spell's center. The spell is centered on a point selected by the caster (must have a line of sight to the target). If cast on a creature, successful resistance negates the spell, while a successful saving throw indicates that the spell is centered immediately behind the creature. Light taken into an area of magical darkness does not function, but if cast directly against magical darkness negates it (only temporarily if the darkness effect is continual). May be used to blind a creature if targeted on the eyes. Blinded creatures suffer a [[0-4]] penalty to AC, attack rolls, and Saves for the spells duration. The caster can end the spell at any time by uttering a single word.}}
Magic Missile by Gargamond and Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Magic Missile}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Evocation/Invocation}}{{components=V, S}}{{time=[[1]] segment}}{{range=[[({10,@{selected|level}}kl1)*10+60]] ft}}{{duration=Instant}}{{aoe=Targeted Creature(s)}}{{save=None}}{{damage=[[1D4+1]], [[1D4+1]], [[1D4+1]], [[1D4+1]], and [[1D4+1]]}}{{damagetype=Force}}{{effects=Fires [[ceil(({9, @{selected|level}}kl1)/2)]] missile(s) at one or more targets designated by the caster before the spell is cast. Each missile unerringly strikes it's target causing damage as indicated above.}}
Magic Missile Alternate by Aqua Alex
&{template:2Espell} {{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Magic Missile}}{{splevel=Wizard level 1}}{{school=Invocation/Evocation}}{{components=V, S, }}{{time=1 }}{{range=[[(@{selected|3EquivalentWizardLevel}*10)+60]] Yards}}{{duration=Instant}}{{aoe=target creature or creatures }}{{save=None}}{{reference=PHB, page 131}}{{effects=fires 1 to 5 missiles of arcane energy at one or more targets as designated by the caster before the spell is cast. Each missile does 1d4+1 points of damage.}}{{damage= ?{What is the level of the caster?| level 1 and level 2, [[1d4+1]] HP of arcane damage.| Level 3 and level 4, [[1d4+1]] + [[1d4+1]] HP of arcane damage.| Level 5 and level 6, [[1d4+1]] + [[1d4+1]] + [[1d4+1]] HP of arcane damage.| Level 7 and level 8,[[1d4+1]] + [[1d4+1]] + [[1d4+1]] + [[1d4+1]] HP of arcane damage.| Level 9+, [[1d4+1]] + [[1d4+1]] + [[1d4+1]] + [[1d4+1]] + [[1d4+1]] HP of arcane damage.}}}
Magic Missile Alternate by Mark W.
&{template:2Espell} {{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Magic Missile}} {{splevel=Wizard level 1}} {{school=Invocation/Evocation}}{{components=V, S, }}{{time=[[1]] segment}}{{range=[[({30,@{SELECTED|level}}kl1*30)+180]] feet}}{{duration=Instant}}{{aoe=target creature or creatures }} {{save=No save}}{{effects=fires 1 to 5 missiles of arcane energy at one or more targets as designated by the caster before the spell is cast. Each missile does 1d4+1 points of damage.}}{{damage= ?{What is the level of the caster?| level 1 and level 2, **Magic Missile** Target takes [[[[1d4+1]] HP of arcane damage.| Level 3 and level 4, **Magic Missile** Target takes [[2d4+2]] HP of arcane damage.| Level 5 and level 6, **Magic Missile** Target takes [[3d4+3]] HP of arcane damage.| Level 7 and level 8, **Magic Missile** Target takes [[4d4+4]] HP of arcane damage.| Level 9+, **Magic Missile** Target takes [[5d4+5]] HP of arcane damage.}}}
Patternweave by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Patternweave}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Divination}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[3]] Segments}}{{range=[[30]] ft}}{{duration=[[1]] Round}}{{aoe=[[10]] ft sq.}}{{save=Negates}}{{effects="Patternweave allows the caster to make sense of apparent chaos. The wizard must study a group of random elements for one round, after which the DM rolls a save vs. spell for the wizard. If the Save is successful the caster sees in his mind the pattern these objects form. The caster can then attempt to reassemble the parts into their original form. This requires another save vs. spell to determine whether the mage remembers sufficient details to accomplish the task. The wizard can make only a reasonable copy of the item. He can use this spell to restore works of art but they will be worth only a small percentage of their original value.}}
Phantasmal Force by Elena S.
/w gm &{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Phantasmal Force}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Illusion/Phantasm}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[1]] segment}}{{range=[[(6+@{selected|level})*10]] yards}}{{duration=Special}}{{aoe=[[(4+@{selected|level})*100]] sq. ft.}}{{save=Special}}{{effects=This spell creates the illusion of any object, creature, or force, as long as it is within the boundaries of the spell's area of effect. The illusion is visual only and affects all believing creatures (undead are immune) that view it. Effects that depend on these senses usually fail. The illusion lasts until struck by an opponent (unless the spellcaster causes the illusion to react appropriately) or until the wizard ceases concentration upon the spell. Creatures that disbelieve the illusion see it for what it is and can add +4 to associates' saves if this knowledge can be communicated effectively. The illusionary effect can be moved by the caster within the limits of the area of effect.}}
Protection from Evil/Good by Gargamond
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Protection from Evil on @{target|token_name}}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Abjuration (Reversible)}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[1]] segment}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level}*2]] Rounds}}{{aoe=Creature Touched}}{{save=None}}{{effects=When this spell is cast, it creates a magical barrier around the recipient at a distance of [[1]] foot. The barrier moves with the recipient and has three major effects: First, all attacks made by evil (or evilly enchanted) creatures against the protected creature suffer -[[2]] penalties to attack rolls; any saving throws caused by such attacks are made with +[[2]] bonuses. Second, any attempt to possess (as by a magic jar attack) or to exercise mental control over (as by a vampire's charm ability) the protected creature is blocked by this spell. Note that the protection does not prevent a vampire's charm itself, but it does prevent the exercise of mental control through the barrier. Likewise, a possessing life force is merely kept out. It would not be expelled if in place before the protection is cast. Third, the spell prevents bodily contact by creatures of an extraplanar or conjured nature (such as aerial servants, elementals, imps, invisible stalkers, salamanders, water weirds, xorn, and others). This causes the natural (body) weapon attacks of such creatures to fail and the creatures to recoil, if such attacks require touching the protected being. Animals or monsters summoned or conjured by spells or similar magic are likewise hedged from the character. This protection ends if the protected character makes a melee attack against or tries to force the barrier against the blocked creature.}}
Reduce (reverse of Enlarge) by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Reduce}}{{school=Alteration}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[1]] segment}}{{range=[[15*@{selected|level}]] feet}}{{duration=[[5*@{selected|level}]] Rounds}}{{aoe=1 creature or object}}{{save=Negates}}{{effects=This spell negates the enlarge spell or makes creatures or objects smaller. The creature or object loses 10% of its original size for every level of the caster, to a minimum of 10% of the original size. Thereafter, the size shrinks by 1-foot increments to less than 1 foot, by 1-inch increments to 1 inch, and by 1/10-inch increments to a minimum of 1/10 of an inch--the recipient cannot dwindle away to nothingness. For example, a 16-foot-tall giant reduced by a 15th-level wizard (15 steps) would be reduced to 1.6 feet (in nine steps), then to 6/10 of a foot or 7.2 inches (in one step), and finally to 2.2 inches (in the last five steps). A shrinking object may damage weaker materials affixed to it, but an object will shrink only as long as the object itself is not damaged. Unwilling creatures are allowed a saving throw vs. spell.}}
Sleep by Gargamond
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Sleep}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Enchantment/Charm}}{{range=90 ft}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{duration=[[5*({10,@{selected|level}}kl1)]] Rounds}}{{time=1}}{{aoe=[[30]] ft Cube}}{{save=None}}{{effects=Up to [[2D4]] Hit Dice of creatures with 4 HD or less are put to sleep beginning with the lowest HD creatures in the Area of Effect.}}
Spider Climb by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Spider Climb}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[1]] segment}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[3+@{selected|level}]] rounds}}{{aoe=Creature Touched}}{{save=Negates}}{{effects=A spider climb spell enables the recipient to climb and travel upon vertical surfaces as well as a giant spider, or even hang upside down from ceilings. Unwilling victims must be touched and are then allowed a save vs. spell to negate the effect. The affected creature must have bare hands and feet in order to climb in this manner, at a movement rate of 6 (3 if at all encumbered). During the course of the spell, the recipient cannot handle objects that weigh less than a dagger (one pound), for such objects stick to his hands and feet. Thus, a wizard will find it virtually impossible to cast spells with material components. Sufficient force can pull the recipient free (save per DM's discretion). The caster can end the spell effect with a word.}}
Spook by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Spook}}{{splevel=Level 1 Wizard}}{{school=Illusion/Phantasm}}{{components=V, S}}{{time=[[1]]}}{{range=[[30]]ft.}}{{duration=Until the creature makes a successful save}}{{aoe=[[1]] creature}}{{save=Negate}}{{effects=The chosen creature must make a Saving Throw vs. Spell or flee from the caster at maximum speed as far as they can. They receive a [[0-{6,(floor((@{selected|level})/2))}kl1)]] penalty to their Saving Throw}}

Level 2

AD&D 2nd edition Roll20 2nd level wizard spells by Howart & Surok
Raw formatted 2nd level wizard spells
Displace Self by C. Watts (Spells and Magic)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Displace Self}}{{splevel=Level 2 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration/Dimension}}{{components=V, M}}{{time=[[2]] segment}}{{range=[[0]]}}{{duration=[[1*@{selected|level-class1}]] rounds}}{{aoe=Caster }}{{save=None}}{{effects= The caster appears to be about two feet away from his true location. Any creature making a melee or missile attack against the caster automatically misses with his first attempt and suffers a -[[2]] penalty on all subsequent attack rolls. In addition, the wizard also gains a +[[2]] bonus on saving throws for any spell or special attack aimed directly at him, not at any other characters or the area around him. The only spell that will reveal the caster's true location is true seeing.}}
Flaming Sphere by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Flaming Sphere}}{{splevel=Level 2 Wizard}}{{school=Invocation}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[2]] segments}}{{range=[[30]] ft.}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level}]] Rounds}}{{aoe=[[3]]ft. radius}}{{save=Negates}}{{damage=[[2d4]] }}{{damagetype=Fire}}{{effects=Creates a burning globe of fire. This sphere rolls wherever the wizard points, at a rate of 30 ft/round. It rolls over barriers less than 4 feet tall. Flammable substances are set afire by contact with the sphere. Creatures struck by the sphere must save vs. spell or suffer damage as above. Those within 5 ft of the sphere must also save vs spell or suffer [[1d4]] points of heat damage. A successful saving throw means no damage is suffered. The sphere moves only if the spellcaster actively directs it. It can be extinguished by the same means as any normal fire of its size. The surface of the sphere has a spongy, yielding consistency and so does not cause damage except by its flame. It cannot push unwilling creatures aside or batter down large obstacles.}}
Ice Knife by C. Watts (Wizards Handbook)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Ice Knife }}{{splevel=Level 2 Wizard}}{{school=Evocation}}{{components=V,S,M}}{{time=[[1]]}}{{range=Special}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{aoe=Special }}{{save=Negates}}{{effects=An ice dagger flies toward the target. Hits an AC of [[@{selected|ThAC0}-(1d20+(@{selected|dexmissile}))]]. On a hit, the target takes [[2d4]]hp of damage. The knife shatters releasing a wave of numbing cold. All creatures within a [[5]]ft radius make a ST vs paralyzation or suffer [[1d4]]hp of cold damage and become numb for [[1d3]]rds reducing movement by ½ and chance to hit by [[2]].}}
Knock by C. Watts! (PH)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Knock}}{{splevel=Level 2 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration}}{{components=V}}{{time=1}}{{range=60 yds.}}{{duration=Special}}{{aoe=10 sq. ft./level}}{{save=None}}{{effects=The knock spell opens stuck, barred, locked, held, or wizard-locked doors. It opens secret doors, as well as locked or trick-opening boxes or chests. It also loosens welds, shackles, or chains.}}
Levitate by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Levitate}}{{splevel=Level 2 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[2]]}}{{range=[[20*@{selected|level}]] yards}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level}]] turns}}{{aoe=[[1]] creature or object}}{{save=Negates}}{{effects=The caster chooses one object or creature that weighs no more than [[100*@{selected|level}]] pounds to levitate. The chosen creature, if unwilling, or object, if it is being held, may make a Save vs. Spell to avoid the effects. Once something has been levitated, there is no concentration required except for when changing heights, which can be done at a rate of [[2]] feet per round. A levitating creature using a missile weapon will find it increasingly harder to attack. The first attack has a [[0-1]] and it increases each round from there up to a maximum of [[0-5]]. A full round can be spent to stabilise, setting the penalty back to [[0-1]]. It is impossible to cock a medium or heavy crossbow due to lack of leverage.}}
Melf's Acid Arrow by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Melf's Acid Arrow}}{{splevel=Level 2 Wizard}}{{school=Conjuration}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[2]]}}{{range=[[180]] yards}}{{duration=}}{{aoe=[[1]] creature}}{{save=None}}{{effects=Upon casting this spell, the caster makes an attack roll against the target as if he were a Fighter of the same level. There are no attack or damage bonuses but the arrow causes [[2d4]] points of acid damage. Saving Throws for items may occur. The acid lasts for an additional [[(floor((@{selected|level}/3)))]] rounds causing another [[2d4]] acid damage each round.}}
Shatter by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Shatter}}{{splevel=Level 2 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[2]] segments}}{{range=[[30+(@{selected|level}*10)]] yards}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{aoe=3-ft. radius}}{{save=Negates}}{{effects=The shatter spell is a sound-based attack that affects non-magical objects of crystal, glass, ceramic, or porcelain. All such objects within a 3-ft radius of the center of the spell are smashed into dozens of pieces by the spell. Objects weighing more than [[@{selected|level}]] pounds are not affected, but all other objects of the appropriate composition must save vs. crushing blow or be shattered. Alternatively, the spell can be focused against a single item of up to [[10*@{selected|level}]] pounds. Crystalline creatures suffer [[[[{6, @{selected|level}}kl1]]d6]] Damage (save vs. spell for half)}}
Web by C. Watts (PH)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Web}}{{splevel=Level 2 Wizard}}{{school=Evocation}}{{components=V,S,M}}{{time=2}}{{range=5 yds./level}}{{duration=2 turns/level}}{{aoe=8,000 cubic ft.}}{{save=Neg. or 1/2}}{{effects=Webs shoot forth from @{selected|token_name}'s hands. The web covers a maximum area of [[8]] 10-foot x 10-foot x 10-foot cubes. Creatures caught within webs or touching them roll a ST vs. spell with a -[[2]] penalty. On save, the creature escapes, if able, or the web strength is 1/2. Creatures with less than 13 Strength (7 if the webs are half strength) are stuck until freed by another, strengths between 13 and 17 can break through 1 ft/rd, strengths 18+ can break through 2 ft/rd. Any fire--torch, flaming oil, flaming sword, etc.--can set them alight and burn them away in a single round. All creatures within flaming webs suffer [[2d4]] points of damage from the flames, but those free of the strands are not harmed.}}

Level 3

AD&D 2nd edition Roll20 3rd level wizard spells by Howart & Surok
Raw formatted 3rd level wizard spells
Fireball by C. Watts (PH)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Fireball}}{{splevel=Level 3 Wizard}}{{school=Evocation}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=3}}{{range=10 yds.+10 yds./level}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{aoe=20-ft. radius}}{{save=1/2 damage}}{{damage=[[[[{10, @{selected|level-class1}}kl1]]d6]]}}{{damagetype=Fire}}{{effects=A streak flashes from the @{selected|token_name}'s finger and blossoms into a fireball. Creatures failing their saving throws each suffer full damage from the blast. Those who roll successful saving throws manage to dodge, fall flat, or roll aside, each receiving half damage.}}
Flame Arrow by C. Watts (PH)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Flame Arrow}}{{splevel=Level 3 Wizard}}{{school=Conjuration/Summoning}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[3]]}}{{range=[[30+(10*@{selected|level-class1})]]}}{{duration=[[1]]rd}}{{aoe=Special}}{{save=Special}}{{effects=?{Spell effect?|Flaming Arrows, @{selected|token_name} turns [[@{selected|level-class1}/5*10]] arrows or bolts in to flaming missiles for [[1]]rd. If they are not loosed within one round, they are consumed by the magic. The arrows inflict normal damage, plus [[1]] point of fire damage to any target struck. |Fiery Bolts, [[floor(@{selected|level-class1}/5)]] **Fiery Bolts** shoot from @{selected|token_name}'s hands causing [[1d6]]hp piercing damage plus [[4d6]] points of fire damage. 1/2 damage on save vs. spell.}}}
Gust of Wind by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Gust of Wind}}{{splevel=Level 3 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[3]]}}{{range=[[0]]}}{{duration=[[1]] round}}{{aoe=[[10]] feet x [[10*@{selected|level}]] yards}}{{save=None}}{{effects=The force of the spell is sufficient to extinguish candles, torches and similar unprotected flames. It cause protected flames - such as lanterns - to dance wildly by has a [[5*({100, @{selected|level}}kl1)]]% chance of extinguish such a light. Small flying creatures are knocked back [[1d6*10]] yards, man-sized creatures are held in place and larger than man-sized creature move at [[50]]% movement rate for one round. Any light object will be blown over, vapours dispersed, gaseous and unsecured levitating creatures will be forced away.}}
Hold Person by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Hold Person}}{{splevel=Level 3 Wizard}}{{school=Enchantment/Charm}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[3]]}}{{range=[[120]] yards}}{{duration=[[2*@{selected|level}]] rounds}}{{aoe=[[1d4]] persons in a [[20]] foot cube}}{{save=Negates}}{{effects=This spell will hold humans, demihumans and humanoid creatures. The spell is centered on a point chosen by the caster and it affects all persons within the area of effect. If three or four persons are caught, they all get unmodified Saving Throws while if only two persons are caught, they suffer a [[0-1]] and if only one person is caught, they suffer a [[0-3]] to their Saving Throws. Wisdom adjustments can contribute to Saving Throws.}}
Invisible Mail by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Invisible Mail}}{{splevel=Level 3 Wizard}}{{school=Abjuration, Evocation}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[2]] segments}}{{range=0}}{{duration=Special}}{{aoe=Caster}}{{save=None}}{{effects=A variation of the armor spell, this spell enables the caster to cover his body with an invisible suit of plate mail to temporarily raise his AC to 3. Its effects are not cumulative with other armor or magical protection (a character cannot improve his AC better than 3 through use of this spell), but Dexterity bonuses still apply. Invisible mail absorbs [[@{selected|level}]] HP of damage that would normally hit AC 3; however, it offers no protection against magical weapons or attacks. When it has absorbed it's maximum amount of damage, the invisible mail disappears. It does not hinder movement, nor does it add weight or encumbrance, and does not interfere with spell casting.}}
Lance of Disruption by C. Watts (Spells and Magic)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Lance of Disruption}}{{school=Invocation/Evocation,Elemental Air, Force}}{{splevel=Level 3 Wizard}}{{components= V, S}}{{time=[[3]] segments}}{{range=0}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{aoe=[[5]]ft x [[60]]ft}}{{save=Half damage}}{{damage= [[{30, 2*@{selected|level-class1}}kl1+5d4]]}}{{damagetype=Force}}{{effects=A beam of concussive, disrupting force lashes out from @{selected|token_name}'s hand. A successful saving throw vs. spell reduces this damage to half. Creatures with amorphous or nonsolid bodies only sustain half damage, or one-quarter damage with a successful save.}}
Lightning Bolt by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Lightning Bolt}}{{school=Evocation}}{{splevel=Level 3 Wizard}}{{components= V, S, M}}{{time=[[3]] segments}}{{range=[[(4+@{selected|level})*10]] yards}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{aoe=Special}}{{save=Half}}{{damage=[[[[{10, @{selected|level}}kl1]]d6]]}}{{damagetype=Lightning}}{{effects=Upon casting this spell, the wizard releases a powerful stroke of electrical energy damaging each creature within its area of effect (Save vs. spell for half). The bolt begins at a range and height decided by the caster and streaks outward in a direct line from the casting wizard. It may set fire to combustibles, sunder wooden doors, splinter up to a half-foot thickness of stone, and melt metals with a low melting point. Objects struck must save vs Lightning or be destroyed. If the damage caused to an interposing barrier shatters or breaks through it, the bolt continues. The bolt can breach up to [[{12, @{selected|level}}kl1]] inches of wood or [[{6, (@{selected|level}/2)}kl1]] inches of stone. The lightning bolt's area of effect is chosen by the spellcaster: either [[10]] x [[40]] feet, or [[5]] x [[80]] feet long. If a bolt cannot reach its full length, because of an unyielding barrier (such as a stone wall), the lightning bolt rebounds from the barrier toward its caster, ending only when it reaches its full length.}}
Lightning Bolt by C. Watts (PH)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Lightning Bolt}}{{school=Evocation}}{{splevel=Level 3 Wizard}}{{components= V, S, M}}{{time=[[3]] segments}}{{range=[[(4+@{selected|level-class1})*10]] yards}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{aoe=Special}}{{save=Half}}{{damage=[[[[{10, @{selected|level-class1}}kl1]]d6]]}}{{damagetype=Lightning}}{{effects=@{selected|token_name} releases a powerful lightning bolt. A successful saving throw vs. spell reduces this damage to half. The bolt's area of effect is chosen by the spellcaster: either [[10]] x [[40]] feet, or [[5]] x [[80]] feet long. If a bolt cannot reach its full length, because of an unyielding barrier (such as a stone wall), the lightning bolt rebounds from the barrier toward its caster, ending only when it reaches its full length.}}
Lightning Bolt by GARGAMOND
/w gm &{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} CASTS LIGHTNING BOLT AS A LEVEL ?{CASTING LEVEL?Class:@{selected|class} Level:@{selected|level}|1} CASTER}}{{splevel=Level 3 WIZARD}}}{{school=EVOCATION}}{{range=[[(([[(({10,(?{CASTING LEVEL?Class:@{selected|class} Level:@{selected|level}|1})}kl1))]]*30)+120)]] FEET}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{duration=INSTANT}}{{time=[[3]]}}{{aoe=?{AREA OF EFFECT?|[[5]]'X[[80]]' LONG BOLT|[[10]]'X[[40]]' FORKED BOLT}}}{{save=1/2 DAMAGE}}{{damage=[[[[(({10,(?{CASTING LEVEL?Class:@{selected|class} Level:@{selected|level}|1})}kl1))]]D6]] ELECTRICAL DAMAGE}}{{effects=Upon casting this spell, the wizard releases a powerful stroke of electrical energy that inflicts damage to each creature within its area of effect. The bolt begins at a range and height decided by the caster and streaks outward in a direct line from the casting wizard. A bolt can breach [[1]] inch of wood or [[0.5]] inches of stone per caster level, up to a maximum of [[1]] foot of wood or [[6]] inches of stone. The DM might allow reflecting bolts. When this type of lightning bolt strikes a solid surface, the bolt reflects from the surface at an angle equal to the angle of incidence (like light off a mirror). A creature crossed more than once by the bolt must roll a saving throw for every time it is crossed, but it still suffers either full damage (if one saving throw is missed) or half damage (if all saving throws are made). The material components of the spell are a bit of fur and an amber, crystal, or glass rod.}}
Wraithform by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Wraithform}}{{splevel=Level 3 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration, Illusion}}{{components=S, M}}{{time=[[1]]}}{{range=[[0]]}}{{duration=[[2*@{selected|level}]] rounds}}{{aoe=The caster}}{{save=None}}{{effects=This spell causes the caster to become insubstantial, including all their gear. As a result, they can only be affected weapons of +[[1]] or better while under the effects of this spell. Undead of most sorts will ignore the caster as they believe him to be a Wraith or Spectre. Liches or Special Undead however may Save vs. Spell at a [[0-4]] penalty to recognise the spell. While under the effects of this spell, the caster can pass through small holes or narrow openings, even mere cracks with all he wears or holds in his hands. No form of attack is possible by the caster unless it is against those on the Ethereal Plane where all attacks are normal. A successful *Dispel Magic* will bring the caster back into their normal form.}}

Level 4

AD&D 2nd edition Roll20 4th level wizard spells by Howart & Surok
Raw formatted 4th level wizard spells
Improved Invisibility by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Improved Invisibility}}{{splevel=Level 4 Wizard}}{{school=Illusion/Phantasm}}{{components=V, S}}{{time=[[4]]}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[@{selected|constitution}]] rounds}}{{aoe=Creature touched}}{{save=None}}{{effects=This spell works like the *Invisibility* spell but it allows for the recipient to attack and remain unseen. There, however, will be a telltale trace that may allow an observant opponent to attack the invisible creature. The trace is only noticeable if a creature is looking specifically for it however. Attacks made against the invisible creature suffering a [[0-4]] to hit and the invisible creature gains a +[[4]] bonus against Saving Throws. Beings with high Hit Dice that might normally notice invisible opponents can roll a Save vs. Spell as if they were [[2]] Hit Dice lower.}}
Mordenkainen's Force Missiles by C. Watts (Spells and Magic)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Mordenkainen's Force Missiles}}{{school= Invocation/Evocation, Force}}{{splevel=Level 4 Wizard}}{{components=V,S}}{{time=[[4]]segments}}{{range=[[60]]yds}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{aoe= 1-7 targets}}{{save=Special }}{{damage=[[2d4]]+[[@{selected|level-class1}]]}}{{damagetype=Force, Concussive}}{{effects= =?{Character Level?|7-9, [[1]]|10-12, [[2]]|13-15, [[3]]|16-18,[[4]]|19-21,[[5]]|22-24,[[6]]|25+,[[7]]} brilliant globe(s) of magical energy streak forth from @{selected|token_name}'s hand. On a successful ST vs. spell, the concussion damage is negated.}}
Thunderstaff by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Thunderstaff}}{{splevel=Level 4 Wizard}}{{school=Invocation/Evocation}}{{sphere=}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[4]] segments}}{{range=0 ft}}{{duration=Instant}}{{aoe=Cone 40' long, 20' wide}}{{save=None}}{{effects=Produces a thundering cone of force. Affected creatures must save or be stunned for [[1d3]] rounds and are deafened for [[1d3+1]] rounds. Additionally, those who fail the save are hurled [[4d4+4]] feet by the wave of force, suffering 1 point of damage per two feet thrown. If the save is successful, the victim is not stunned, but is still deafened and is only hurled half of the distance. Giant sized creatures who fail their save are only thrown [[2d4+2]] feet and deafened, Those who save are not affected. The cone of force is considered to have a Strength of 19 for purposes of opening locked, barred, or magically held doors. This spell can move objects weighing up to 640 pounds a maximum distance of [[4d4+4]] feet. Fragile items must make a saving throw vs. crushing blow or be destroyed.}}
Ultravision by C. Watts (Spells and Magic)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Ultravision}}{{splevel=Level 4 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[1]] rd}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[2+@{selected|level-class1}]] hours}}{{aoe=Creature selected }}{{save=None}}{{effects= Allows the spell recipient to see perfectly in normal darkness, starlight, or moonlight to the full range of his unobscured daylight vision. In underground settings, the spell enables the recipient to see up to 90 feet in nonmagical darkness, 30 feet in magical darkness, and at least 10 feet in any kind of vaporous, foggy, or smoky atmosphere. Ultravision does not permit the recipient to spot invisible creatures, and it does not function in the presence of strong light sources (lanterns, torches, and so on).}}
Wall of Fire by C. Watts (PH)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Wall of Fire}}{{school=Evocation}}{{splevel=Level 4 Wizard}}{{components=V,S,M}}{{time=[[4]]segments}}{{range=[[60]]yds}}{{duration=Special}}{{aoe=Special}}{{save=None}}{{damage=Special}}{{damagetype=Fire}}{{effects=@{selected|token_name} conjures a ?{Shape?|Wall, wall of fire [[@{selected|level-class1}*20]]ft wide by [[20]]ft high.|Ring, ring of fire with a [[floor(10+@{selected|level-class1}/2*5)]] radius that's [[20]]ft high.} One side of the wall inflicts [[2d4]]hp damage to creatures within [[10]]ft or [[1d4]]hp damage within [[20]]ft of the wall. It inflicts [[2d6+@{selected|level-class1}]]hp of damage to any creature passing through it. Note that attempting to catch a moving creature with a newly-created wall of fire is difficult; a successful saving throw enables the creature to avoid the wall, while its rate and direction of movement determine which side of the created wall it is on. The wall of fire lasts as long as the wizard concentrates on maintaining it, or [[@{selected|level-class1}]]rd(s) in the event he does not wish to concentrate upon it.}}

Level 5

AD&D 2nd edition Roll20 5th level wizard spells by Howart & Surok
Raw formatted 5th level wizard spells
Cone of Cold by C. Watts (PH)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Cone of Cold}}{{school=Evocation}}{{splevel=Level 5 Wizard}}{{components= V, S, M}}{{time=[[5]]}}{{range=0}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{aoe=Special }}{{save=Half damage}}{{damage=[[[[1d4+1]]*@{selected|level-class1}]]}}{{damagetype=Cold}}{{effects=A cone-shaped area of extreme cold, originating at the @{selected|token_name}'s hand extends outward in a cone [[5]]ft long and [[@{selected|level-class1}]]ft in diameter.}}
Invulnerability to Normal Weapons by C. Watts (Wizards Handbook)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Invulnerability to Normal Weapons}}{{splevel=Level 5 Wizard}}{{school=Abjuration }}{{components=V, M}}{{time=[[2]]}}{{range=Self}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level-class1}]]rds}}{{aoe=[[5]]ft radius}}{{save=None}}{{effects= An immobile, faintly shimmering magical sphere appears around @{selected|token_name} that cannot be penetrated by non-magical blunt weapons, edged weapons, or missile weapons. The caster can use these weapons from inside the sphere to attack opponents normally. Spells can also be cast through the sphere. The sphere can be negated by dispel magic.}}
Leomund's Hidden Lodge by C. Watts (Spells and Magic)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Leomund's Hidden Lodge}}{{splevel=Level 5 Wizard}}{{school=Alteration, Enchantment/Charm}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[2]] turns}}{{range=[[20]]yds}}{{duration=[[1d4+@{selected|level-class1}]] hours}}{{aoe=[[30*@{selected|level-class1}]]sq ft}}{{save=None}}{{effects=@{selected|token_name} creates a perfectly camouflaged lodge that blends in with whatever terrain or surroundings are appropriate. The spell conceals all telltale signs of habitation, including any smoke, light, or sound coming from within the lodge. Creatures or characters who are exceptionally well-tuned to their surroundings (elves, druids, rangers, and various sylvan monsters) may attempt a saving throw vs. spell to spot the hidden lodge if they pass within 30 feet; all other creatures cannot find the wizard's refuge without the aid of true seeing or similar magic. In all other respects, the hidden lodge resembles Leomund's secure shelter. It is secure against winds of up to 100 miles per hour, impervious to normal missiles, and the doors, windows, and chimney have the option to be wizard locked and guarded by an alarm spell.}}
Shadow Magic by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Shadow Magic}}{{splevel=Level 5 Wizard}}{{school=Illusion/Phantasm}}{{components=V, S}}{{time=[[5]]}}{{range=[[50+10*@{selected|level}]] yards}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{aoe=Depends on the chosen spell}}{{save=[[20]]% of spell damage or half of spell damage}}{{effects=This spell allows the caster to create a quasi-real evocation spell of 3rd level or lower. The chosen creature, or creatures if the spell is an Area of Effect spell, must make two separate Saving Throws. One for the *Shadow Magic* spell and then one for the quasi-real spell but only if it would normally permit a save so a *Magic Missile* spell would not permit the second save. If the creature(s) make the first save, then they only receive [[20]]% of the damage from the spell (fractions below [[.4]] are rounded down and above [[.4]] are rounded up) and do not need to check for the second. If they fail the first but succeed the second, they take half damage. If both are failed, then full damage is received.}}

Level 6

AD&D 2nd edition Roll20 6th level wizard spells by Howart & Surok
Raw formatted 6th level wizard spells

Level 7

AD&D 2nd edition Roll20 7th level wizard spells by Howart & Surok
Raw formatted 7th level wizard spells

Level 8

AD&D 2nd edition Roll20 8th level wizard spells by Howart & Surok
Raw formatted 8th level wizard spells

Level 9

AD&D 2nd edition Roll20 9th level wizard spells by Howart & Surok
Raw formatted 9th level wizard spells

Priest Spells

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Level 1

Anti-Vermin Barrier by Aqua Alex (Tome of Magic)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Anti-Vermin Barrier}}{{splevel=Level 1 Priest}}{{school=Abjuration}}{{sphere=Wards}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[1]] segments}}{{range=[[30]] yds/ft}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level}]] hours}}{{aoe=[[@{selected|level}*10]] ft cube}}{{save=None}}{{effects=With this spell, the caster creates an invisible force field that repels nonmagical insects, rodents, spiders, snakes, worms and similar vermin of less than 1HD. (Including summoned versions.) Creatures already within the area are not forced to leave, but if they do leave they can not return.}}
Bless by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Bless}}{{splevel=Level 1 Priest}}{{school=Conjuration/Summoning}}{{sphere=All}}{{range=[[60]] yards}}{{components=V, S, M }}{{duration=[[6]] rounds}}{{time=[[1]] round}}{{aoe=[[50]] ft. cube}}{{save=None}}{{effects=Friendly creatures, not engaged in melee combat, in the area of effect gain +[[1]] to morale, saving throws vs fear effects, and attack rolls. The caster determines at what range (up to 60 yards) he will cast the spell. At the instant the spell is completed, it affects all creatures in a 50-foot cube centered on the point selected by the caster. Alternately a single item may be blessed, allowing it to strike as a +1 magical weapon. The weight of the item is limited to one pound per caster level and the effect lasts until the item is used or the spell duration ends.}}
Cure Light Wounds by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Cure Light Wounds on @{target|token_name}}}{{school=Necromancy}}{{sphere=Healing}}{{splevel=Level 1 Priest}}{{components=V,S}}{{time=5 Segments}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=Instant}}{{aoe=Creature Touched}}{{save=Spell}}{{healing=[[1D8+(?{Do you receive a bonus to your healing spells?|0})]] HP}}
Detect Evil by Jesse C.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Detect Evil}}{{school=Divination}}{{sphere=All}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{components=V,S,M}}{{time=1 Round}}{{range=0}}{{duration=25 Rounds}}{{aoe=10 ft. x 120 yds.}}{{save=None}}{{effects=The degree of evil (dim, faint, moderate, strong, or overwhelming) and possibly its general nature (expectant, malignant, gloating, etc.) can be noted. If the evil is overwhelming, the priest has a 10% chance per level of detecting its general bent (lawful, neutral, or chaotic). The spell has a path of detection 10 feet wide in the direction the priest is facing. The priest must concentrate--stop, have quiet, and intently seek to detect the aura--for at least one round to receive a reading. The spell requires the use of the priest's holy symbol as its material component}}
Entangle by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Entangle}}{{splevel=Level 1 Priest}}{{school=Alteration}}{{sphere=Plant}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[4]]}}{{range=[[80]] yards}}{{duration=[[1]] turn or [[10]] rounds}}{{aoe=[[40]]foot cube}}{{save=Reduced movement}}{{effects=This spell causes grass, weeds, bushes and even trees to wrap, twist and entwine about creatures in the Area of Effect. Any creature caught within must make a Saving Throw vs. Spell or be held fast. A successful save allows a creature to move at [[10]] feet per round until out of the area. Exceptionally large or strong creatures may suffer little or no distress depending on how strong the entangling plants are.}}
Faerie Fire by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Faerie Fire}}{{splevel=Level 1 Priest}}{{school=Alteration}}{{sphere=Weather}}{{components=V, M}}{{time=[[4]]}}{{range=[[80]] yards}}{{duration=[[4*@{selected|level}]] rounds}}{{aoe=[[10*@{selected|level}]] square feet within a [[40]] foot radius}}{{save=None}}{{effects=Any creature caught within the Area of Effect is now visible out to [[80]] yards in the dark and [[40]] yards if the viewer is near a bright light source. The creature is outline in blue, green or violet which is up to the caster. Creatures under the effects are easier to strike, giving a +[[2]] to opponents in darkness which includes moonlit nights and a +[[1]] bonus in twilight or better. This spell can render invisible creatures visible as it outlines them, however, it will not outline noncorporeal, ethereal or gaseous creatures. The light is not bright enough to effect undead or dark dwelling creatures.}}
Magical Stone by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Magical Stone}}{{splevel=Level 1 Priest}}{{school=Enchantment}}{{sphere=Combat}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[4]]}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[3]] turns or until used}}{{aoe=[[3]] pebbles}}{{save=None}}{{effects=This spell temporarily enchants [[3]] small pebbles. While enchantment, these pebbles act as a +[[1]] weapon for determining what they can hit but they do not get the normal bonuses magical weapons do. Each pebbles deals [[1d4]] damage and [[2d4]] damage against undead.}}
Protection from Evil/Good by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Protection from Evil on @{target|token_name}}}{{splevel=Level 1 Priest}}{{school=Abjuration (Reversible)}}{{sphere=Protection}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[4]] segments}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level}*2]] Rounds}}{{aoe=Creature Touched}}{{save=None}}{{effects=When this spell is cast, it creates a magical barrier around the recipient at a distance of [[1]] foot. The barrier moves with the recipient and has three major effects: First, all attacks made by evil (or evilly enchanted) creatures against the protected creature suffer -[[2]] penalties to attack rolls; any saving throws caused by such attacks are made with +[[2]] bonuses. Second, any attempt to possess (as by a magic jar attack) or to exercise mental control over (as by a vampire's charm ability) the protected creature is blocked by this spell. Note that the protection does not prevent a vampire's charm itself, but it does prevent the exercise of mental control through the barrier. Likewise, a possessing life force is merely kept out. It would not be expelled if in place before the protection is cast. Third, the spell prevents bodily contact by creatures of an extraplanar or conjured nature (such as aerial servants, elementals, imps, invisible stalkers, salamanders, water weirds, xorn, and others). This causes the natural (body) weapon attacks of such creatures to fail and the creatures to recoil, if such attacks require touching the protected being. Animals or monsters summoned or conjured by spells or similar magic are likewise hedged from the character. This protection ends if the protected character makes a melee attack against or tries to force the barrier against the blocked creature.}}
Purify Food & Drink by Jesse C.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Purify Food & Drink}}{{school=Alteration}}{{sphere=All}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{components=V,S}}{{time=[[1]] Round}}{{range=30 yds.}}{{duration=Permanent}}{{aoe=[[1]] cu. ft./level, in 10 sq. ft.}}{{save=None}}{{effects=When cast, this spell makes spoiled, rotten, poisonous, or otherwise contaminated food and water pure and suitable for eating and drinking. Up to 1 cubic foot of food and drink per level can be thus made suitable for consumption. This spell does not prevent subsequent natural decay or spoilage. Unholy water and similar food and drink of significance is spoiled by purify food and drink, but the spell has no effect on creatures of any type nor upon magical potions.}}
Puffball by Josh W. (The Complete Druid's Handbook)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Puffball}}{{splevel=Level 1 Priest}}{{school=Alteration}}{{sphere=Plant}}{{components=V,S,M}}{{time=[[4]]}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[2]] rounds per level}}{{aoe=[[1]] mushroom}}{{save=Special}}{{effects=A character who casts puffball on a normal mushroom, truffle, or toadstool transforms the fungus into a magical puffball, which the character may drop or throw. The puffball bursts upon landing, releasing a cloud of spores [[10]] feet in diameter. Those caught in the spore cloud must save vs. poison or suffer an attack of coughing and choking. Victims can make no attacks and lose all Dexterity bonuses to Armor Class and saving throws. The cloud dissipates in [[1d3+1]] rounds; residual effects still afflict characters [[1]] round after they escape the cloud or it fades. The spell effects do not affect undead or similar nonbreathing creatures. If no one throws or drops the missile by the time its duration expires, the enchantment is lost. The caster sprinkles the material component, a pinch of ground puffball, over the fungus to be enchanted.}}
Sanctuary by Jesse C.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Sanctuary }}{{school=Abjuration}}{{sphere=Protection}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{components=V,S,M}}{{time=[[4]] segments}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[5]] Rounds}}{{aoe=Creature Touched}}{{save=None}}{{effects=When the priest casts a sanctuary spell, any opponent attempting to strike or otherwise directly attack the protected creature must roll a saving throw vs. spell. If the saving throw is successful, the opponent can attack normally and is unaffected by that casting of the spell. If the saving throw is failed, the opponent loses track of and totally ignores the warded creature for the duration of the spell. Those not attempting to attack the subject remain unaffected. Note that this spell does not prevent the operation of area attacks (fireball, ice storm, etc.). While protected by this spell, the subject cannot take direct offensive action without breaking the spell, but may use nonattack spells or otherwise act in any way that does not violate the prohibition against offensive action. This allows a warded priest to heal wounds, for example, or to bless, perform an augury, chant, cast a light in the area (but not upon an opponent), and so on. The components of the spell include the priest's holy symbol and a small silver mirror.}}
Strength of Stone by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Strength of Stone}}{{splevel=Level 1 Priest}}{{school=Invocation/Evocation}}{{sphere=Elemental Earth}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[4]]}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[3+@{selected|level}]] rounds}}{{aoe=[[1]] creature}}{{save=None}}{{effects=The recipient of this spell gains [[1d4]] Strength points or to a minimum of [[16]], whichever is higher. Each [[10]]% of Exceptional Strength counts as [[1]] point. The Priest and recipient must be in contact with solid stone or earth. The spell ends once the duration ends or the recipient loses contact with the ground.}}

Level 2

Aid by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Aid}}{{splevel=Level 2 Priest}}{{school=Necromancy, Conjuration}}{{sphere=Necromantic}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[5]]}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[1+@{selected|level}]] rounds}}{{aoe=[[1]] creature}}{{save=None}}{{effects=The recipient gains the benefits of the *Bless* spell as well as an additional [[1d8]] hitpoints. The bonus hitpoints are lost first before the actual hitpoints and they cannot be regained through curative magics.}}
Barkskin by Jesse C.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Barkskin on @{target|token_name}}}{{school=Alteration }}{{sphere=Protection}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[5]] Segments}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[4+1+1+1]] Rounds}}{{aoe=Creature touched}}{{save=None}}{{effects=When a priest casts the barkskin spell upon a creature, its skin becomes as tough as bark, increasing its base Armor Class to AC 6, plus 1 AC for every four levels of the priest: Armor Class 5 at 4th level, Armor Class 4 at 8th, and so on. This spell does not function in combination with normal armor or any magical protection. In addition, saving throw rolls vs. all attack forms except magic gain a +1 bonus. This spell can be placed on the caster or on any other creature he touches. *In addition to his holy symbol, the caster must have a handful of bark from an oak as the material component for the spell.*}}
Chant by Jesse C.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Chant }}{{school=Conjuration/Summoning}}{{sphere=All}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{components=V,S}}{{time=[[2]] Rounds}}{{range=0}}{{duration=Time of chanting}}{{aoe=[[30]]ft. radius}}{{save=None}}{{effects=By means of the chant spell, the priest brings special favor upon himself and his party, and causes harm to his enemies. When the chant spell is completed, all attack and damage rolls and saving throws made by those in the area of effect who are friendly to the priest gain +1 bonuses, while those of the priest's enemies suffer -1 penalties. This bonus/penalty continues as long as the caster continues to chant the mystic syllables and is stationary. However, an interruption (such as an attack that succeeds and causes damage, grappling with the chanter, or a silence spell) breaks the spell. Multiple chants are not cumulative; however, if the 3rd-level prayer spell is spoken while a priest of the same religious persuasion (not merely alignment) is chanting, the effect is increased to +2 and -2.}} The components of the spell include the priest's holy symbol and a small silver mirror.}}
Cure Moderate Wounds by Tyrone (Player's Option: Spells & Magic)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Cure Moderate Wounds on @{target|token_name}}}{{splevel=Level 2 Priest}}{{school=Necromancy}}{{sphere=Healing}}{{components=V, S}}{{time=[[5]]}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{aoe=Creature touched}}{{save=None}}{{effects=By laying their hands on the wounded target, the Priest heals [[1d10+1]] hitpoints of damage.}}
Dark Fire by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Dark Fire}}{{splevel=Level 2 Priest}}{{school=Alteration}}{{sphere= Travelers}}{{range=Touch}}{{components=S, M}}{{time=[[2]] segments}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level}+1]] hours}}{{aoe=Special}}{{save=None}}{{effects=The darkfire spell provides a small, lightless campfire when cast on a bronze brazier. This fire puts out heat and burns, but emits no light in the normal visible spectrum, nor does it create smoke. Objects set ablaze by the dark fire burn normally, emitting both smoke and light. The area of effect is equal to the size of the brazier, to a maximum diameter [[@{selected|level}]] ft. A bronze brazier is required to cast this spell into.}}
Hold Person by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Hold Person}}{{splevel=Level 2 Priest}}{{school=Enchantment/Charm}}{{sphere=Charm}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[5]] segments}}{{range=[[120]] yards}}{{duration=[[2*@{selected|level}]] rounds}}{{aoe=[[1d4]] persons within a [[20]] ft. cube }}{{save=Negates}}{{effects=Holds affected humanoid creatures of man size or smaller rigidly immobile until dispelled or the duration expires (does not affect Undead). The spell affects persons targeted by the caster within the area of effect. If only two persons are being targeted, each rolls their saving throw with a -1 penalty; if only 1 target is selected, the saving throw is made with a -2 penalty. Saving throws are adjusted for Wisdom. Those who succeed on their saving throws are totally unaffected by the spell. Held creatures cannot move or speak, but can use abilities not requiring motion or speech. Being held does not prevent the worsening of the subjects' condition due to wounds, disease, or poison. The caster can end the spell any time.}}
Lighten Load by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=Lighten Load}}{{splevel=Level 2 Priest}}{{school=Alteration}}{{sphere=Travelers}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[2]] segments}}{{range=[[30]] yards}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level}]] hours}}{{aoe=[[10]] ft Cube}}{{save=None}}{{effects=This spell reduces the weight of equipment, supplies, and other objects by 50%. Weapons, supplies, and even disabled characters can all be made more portable by use of a lighten load spell. This spell affects one pile of objects whose volume is equivalent to a 10-foot cube; after the spell has been cast, the affected objects can be divided among several characters or mounts. The spell has no effect on magical items. An object affected by lighten load can be used normally; the spell has no effect on an object's mass, texture, size, strength, or other physical features.}}
Music of the Spheres by Jesse C.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Music of the Spheres}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{school=Enchantment/Charm}}{{sphere=Charm}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[4]] segments}}{{range=[[50]] yards}}{{duration=[[1]] turn, plus [[1]] round per level}}{{aoe=20-foot-diameter circle}}{{save=Negates}}{{effects=With this spell, the priest creates tones and harmonies of such unearthly beauty and complexity that they entrance the listener, making it difficult for the listener to attack or otherwise harm the priest. The listener receives a normal saving throw against this effect. Failure means that the listener is entranced and is unable to attack the priest for the duration of the spell. In addition, the music makes the subject gullible and more susceptible to charm magics such as charm person, suggestion, and hypnotism. While the music spell is in effect, the subject saves against charm spells with a -3 penalty. This spell does not protect other characters in company with the priest; listeners who have fallen prey to the music are free to attack anyone else. The spell effect ends instantly if the priest takes any hostile action against a creature under the influence of the spell. Music of the spheres can affect one creature per three levels of the priest (one subject at 3rd level, two at 6th level, etc.). Subjects must be within a 20-foot-diameter circle Potential victims must have Intelligence of at least 1 (necessary to understand the concept of music) and must be able to hear the music (i.e., they cannot be deaf and there can be nothing obstructing the victim's ears). This also means that the level of background noise must be low enough for the music to be audible. The DM should assume that the music is the same volume as an average human's normal speaking voice. If the potential subject could not hear speech at the appropriate range under prevailing conditions, the spell cannot affect that subject. The spell would be virtually useless in the midst of a full-scale battle or during a hurricane. *The material component comprises a set of three small bows made from fine silver, each costing 100 gp. The lengths of the bows must be in the ratio of 1 to 4 to 9. The priest strokes these bows together in an intricate sequence while casting the spell. The bows are not consumed in the casting.*}}
Produce Flame by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Produce Flame}}{{splevel=Level 2 Priest}}{{school=Alteration}}{{sphere=Elemental Fire}}{{components=V, S}}{{time=[[5]]}}{{range=[[0]]}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level}]] rounds}}{{aoe=[[3]] foot diameter from center of impact}}{{save=None}}{{effects=This causes a flame to spring forth into the Priest's hand and it can be thrown at a target meaning the Priest must make an attack roll. A successful hit does [[1d4+1]] points of damage, setting fire to anything that is combustible. Any fire on a creature takes [[1]] round to extinguish and until it is, they will suffer additional damage as determined by the DM. A miss is resolved as a grenade-like missile. If the spell is still going once the Priest throws a flame, then another will spring forth into their hand. The Priest can hurl a maximum of [[@{selected|level}]] flame(s) but can only every throw [[1]] per round.}}
Resist Fire/Resist Cold by Jesse C.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Resist Fire/Resist Cold on @{target|token_name}}}{{school=Alteration }}{{sphere=Protection}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[5]] Segments}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=[[1+1+1]] Rounds}}{{aoe=Creature touched}}{{save=None}}{{effects=When this spell is placed upon a creature by a priest, the creature's body is toughened to withstand heat or cold, as chosen by the caster. The spell grants the creature complete immunity to mild conditions (standing naked in the snow or reaching into an ordinary fire to pluck out a note). The recipient can somewhat resist intense heat or cold (whether natural or magical in origin), such as red-hot charcoal, a large amount of burning oil, flaming swords, fire storms, fireballs, meteor swarms, red dragon's breath, frostbrand swords, ice storms, wands of frost, or white dragon's breath. The recipient of the spell gains a **bonus of +3** to saving throws against such attack forms and all damage sustained is reduced by 50%; therefore, if the saving throw is failed, the creature sustains one-half damage, and if the saving throw is successful, the creature sustains only one-quarter damage. *The caster needs a drop of mercury as the material component of this spell.*}}
Slow Poison by Jesse C.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Slow Poison on @{target|token_name}}}{{school=Necromancy}}{{sphere=Healing}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{components=V,S}}{{time=[[1]] Segments}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=Instant}}{{aoe=Creature Touched}}{{save=Spell}}{{healing=When this spell is placed upon a poisoned individual, it greatly slows the effects of venom, if cast upon the victim before the poison takes full effect. (This period, known as the onset time, is known to the DM.) While this spell does not neutralize the venom, it does prevent it from substantially harming the individual for the duration of its magic in the hope that, during that spell period, the poison can be fully cured. **The material components of the slow poison spell are the priest's holy symbol and a bud of garlic that must be crushed and smeared on the wound (or eaten if poison was ingested)**}}
Spiritual Hammer by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Spiritual Hammer}}{{splevel=Level 2 Priest}}{{school=Invocation}}{{sphere=Combat}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[5]]}}{{range=[[10*@{selected|level}]] yards}}{{duration=[[3+@{selected|level}]] rounds}}{{aoe=[[1]] war hammer}}{{save=None}}{{effects=This spell calls into being a field of force shaped like a hammer. The hammer works off of the Priest's THAC0 without any Strength bonuses they may have. The hammer deals [[1d4+1+{3,(ceil((@{selected|level})/6))}kl1)]] to man-size or smaller creatures and [[1d4+{3,(ceil((@{selected|level})/6))}kl1)]] damage to larger opponents and this conjured hammer is considered a magical weapon, operating as a +[[{3,(ceil((@{selected|level})/6))}kl1)]] weapon. The hammer will only strike in the same direction that the caster is facing. The hammer can be dispelled by enemies that have Magic Resistance. If the hammer strikes at a creature with Magic Resistance, the resistance is rolled for the first time. If the resistance is successful, then the hammer is lost while failure means the hammer can affect the creature.}}
Withdraw by Jesse C.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Withdraw}}{{school=Abjuration}}{{sphere=Protection}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{components=V,S}}{{time=[[5]] Segments}}{{range=0}}{{duration=Special}}{{aoe=The caster}}{{save=None}}{{effects=By means of a withdraw spell, the priest in effect alters the flow of time with regard to himself. While but one round of time passes for those not affected by the spell, the priest is able to spend two rounds, plus one round per level, in contemplation. Thus, a 5th-level priest can withdraw for seven rounds to cogitate on some matter while one round passes for all others. *Note that while affected by the withdraw spell, the caster can use only the following spells: any divination spell or any curing or healing spell, the latter on himself only.* ** The casting of any of these spells in different fashion (for example, a cure light wounds spell bestowed upon a companion) negates the withdraw spell.** *He can be affected by the actions of others, losing any Dexterity or shield bonus. Any successful attack upon the caster breaks the spell.*}}

Level 3

Break Camp by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Break Camp}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{school=Conjuration/Summoning}}{{sphere=Travellers}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[5]] segments}}{{range=[[0]]}}{{duration=Special}}{{aoe=[[50]] ft radius}}{{save=None}}{{effects=Break Camp causes a batallion of invisible servants to strike a campsite in an area of 50-foot radius or less. The servants extinguish fires, dispose of debris, and pack gear for a up to [[@{selected|level}*3]] people. The entire process takes [[4d4]] rounds to complete. When completed, all traces of the campsite are eliminated.}}
Create Campsite by Elena S.
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Create Campsite}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{school=Conjuration/Summoning (Reversible)}}{{sphere=Travelers}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time=[[3]] segments}}{{range=[[0]]}}{{duration=Special}}{{aoe=[[50]] ft radius}}{{save=None}}{{effects=With this spell, the caster generates a squadron of tiny invisible servants who create a campsite for up to [[@{selected|level}*3]] people. The caster indicates the desired area for the campsite and the number of persons the campsite is to accommodate. The servants clear the area of debris, set up tents and bedrolls, start a campfire, fetch water, and prepare a bland meal. The campsite is skillfully prepared and blends with the surroundings(-50% chance to be noticed). Campfires, loud noises, and other activities can negate this. The entire process takes [[4d4]] rounds to complete. The servants make camp with the gear and equipment provided for them; otherwise, the servants will improvise with materials available in the immediate area (within 50 yards of the designated campsite). For instance, if the party has no tents or beds, the servants will construct crude but comfortable beds of weeds and grass and temporary shelters of leaves and branches. If no materials are available, such as in the desert or similarly barren terrain, the servants will do their best to make the party as comfortable as possible within the environmental limitations.}}
Prayer by Tyrone
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Prayer}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{school=Conjuration/Summoning}}{{sphere=Combat}}{{components=V, S, M}}{{time= }}{{range=[[6]]}}{{duration=[[@{selected|level}]] rounds}}{{aoe=[[60]] foot radius}}{{save=None}}{{effects=This spell gives the Priest's allies a +[[1]] bonus to their attack, damage and Saving Throw rolls while the enemies suffer a -[[1]]. Unlike the *Chant* spell, once this spell is cast, the Priest is free to do other things that he may wish to do. Cumulative *Prayer* spells give a further +[[1]] and -[[1]] to allies and enemies respectively, but the Priest must be of the same Ethos.}}
Repair Injury by Tyrone (Player's Option: Spells & Magic)
&{template:2Espell}{{title=@{selected|token_name} casts Repair Injury}}{{splevel=Level 3 Priest}}{{school=Necromancy}}{{sphere=Healing}}{{components=V, S}}{{time=[[1]] turn or [[10]] rounds}}{{range=Touch}}{{duration=Instantaneous}}{{aoe=Creature touched}}{{save=None}}{{effects=By means of this spell, the touched creature regains [[1d10+1]] hitpoints. *If using critical hit or critical strike rules, then this spell, on top of the healing, can be used to knit a broken bone, alleviate the swelling and pain of a sprain or twist or repair soft-tissue damage such as an injured eye/ear or repair a severed tendon. This spell can also heal wounds falling into the crushed, shatter or destroyed categories, but can only heal such wounds to the broken category which means it heals [[20d6]] (20d6) as if it were lost hitpoints. Only one *Repair Injury* can be used on any given wound.*}}

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

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We have created spell macros for all spells from the Players Handbook, The Tome of Magic, The Necromancer's Handbook, Player's Option: Spells & Magic, as well as from the various Player's Handbooks.
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