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GoldenH has been GMing for 15+ years, playing everything from D&D 1e to Sagas of the Icelanders.



Fifteen years ago GoldenH started roleplaying because it was the most geeky, transgressive things you could do. Ever played vampires in church? He has! Through the internet that resulted in a wide exposure to different cultures and philosophies. Two things drive him: The urge to create and to empower others. Now instead of being transgressive, Roleplaying is connecting people from all over the world and helping them share their dreams.

Degrees in engineering, physics and accounting bring a unique view of gaming. Physics is describing reality with math; what other field could be so perfect for roleplaying? He ran an IT consulting business for a time, being invested in how technology works, and worked as a substitute teacher for many years before that. GoldenH is a firm believer in reading for inspiration, perusing other media and preferring to play in games while he is running one. That it helps to learn new methods to improve his roleplaying or GMing, and give context to the ideas other players bring to the table. That said, ideas need to be tested before they can be accepted, so discussions about RPGs and philosophy are welcome and even encouraged!

To him, video games are one of the best sources of entertainment. But they lack one critical feature RPGs have: the potential for unlimited freedom. Put the players in the most intense situations possible and see what they do – no turning off your computer in disgust at your character’s idiocy or the inability to pick up or use the items that would solve a problem. Video games are better at tracking complex mechanical systems, and is looking forward to Roll20 becoming a tool as useful at the table as it is online.

But he wouldn’t be GoldenH without being opinionated. Like many other gamers he has a dream of the perfect roleplaying game. A game where the rules communicate rather than restrict, where settings drive the players to action, with subsystems that are engaging minigames in their own right. Will he discover the perfect roleplaying game? Or learn enough to create it? Only time will tell…

Featured Games & Editions

Burning Wheel Gold

Appearances on Other Channels

Once Upon a Game from EricVulgaris

Show Information

Mathsquad's Burning Wheel

Four community members of Adam Koebel's stream who always wanted to learn Burning Wheel but never got to try it. Now banded together to help learn the rules, expand our role playing palettes, and learn how each style changes the game. The campaign features a rotating GM, an archipelago with powerful artifacts but little magic, and a mysterious organization bent on something with a lot of politics and drama.

Mathsquad's Burning Wheel Cast


Additional YouTube Content

Shadowrun 5e: Punk Fiction

Adventures in the fifth world. Trenchcoats or Mohawkz, you decide! Be kind, this was my first attempt at streaming RPG.

Tokyo Brain Pop One Shot

This is my favorite RPG. Obviously, I can't play this RPG all the time, but I can try. Featuring a great cast of gamers and streamers.

Dresden Files: The Song of Bone

This series follows the stories of four mortals (three sorcerers and a vampire) and the perils that threaten them. In San Fran, the Red Court has won the War between them and the White Council, and now seeks to use it as a power base. But the final battle left the city in economic shambles, homelessness is on the rise and everyone trying to take advantage of it, from the weakest fae to the greatest heroes of myth and legend. Cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. Dresden Files RPG

Dresden Files: The Song of Bone Cast