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Macros/Nested Abilities

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Main Page: Roll Queries & Nesting

An ability is a macro which is tied to to a specific character's Attributes & Abilities-tab. Like macros, abilities can be nested inside each other, which gives you the capacity to chain abilities together, and call multiple abilities with a single command.

Nesting an ability is similar to nesting a macro but with a slight twist. Like a macro, simply include the name of the abilities you wish to call on separate lines inside your main ability.

Converting a nested macro to a nested ability




You need to change the # into %, type {, then the name of the character, a vertical pipe (|), the ability name, and closing the expression with }.

The vertical pipe(|) key can be found above the backslash key \ on most keyboards.

  • US keyboard: usually near the Enter-key. Shift+\ to type
  • European keyboards: Usually found on the number row
  • Finnish, Swedish keyboard: next to the right Shift. AltGr+| to type

Note: Currently the ability reference symbol (%) does not auto complete at this time like the attribute reference symbol (@) or macro reference symbol (#) do. You must type the entire thing yourself.


In this example, we'll have three abilities: %{damage} %{attack} and %{both} and our character who will be named Bugbear

Ability %{damage}:

/roll 1d4+11

Ability %{attack}:

/roll 1d20+9

Ability %{both}:


Then You can have a chat command where you can choose which ability to use: (example might need converted to HTML Entities):

?{Which ability?|Attack,%{Bugbear|attack} |Damage,%{Bugbear|damage} |Both,%{Bugbear|Both} }

See Roll Queries for more info on nesting.

More Examples

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