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This is a guide to the Official Mythic D6 Roll20 character sheet.



  • Roll buttons will count the success you gain
    • the number of pips is show below the roll, so you can yourself determine if one of your dice gets upgraded, by hover your mouse over the results to see the individual dice results
  • Wild Die
    • if the Wild Die explodes, automatically rolling extra dice, and roll results are highlighted with a green border
    • If you roll a 1 with the Wild Die, roll results are highlighted with a red border(but nothing else)
  • Abbreviations/game terms are explained, if you hover your mouse over the word
    • Some tooltip explain things in greater details, or even mention the relevant rules page


info on the main page


For the init roll to appear on the t Turn Tracker, you need to remember selecting a token first, before making the Init roll.

If you have init modifiers, you can save them on the Settings-page.


  • skills can be left empty or as a zero, the selected attribute will be rolled by itself if the character isn't proficient in the skill
  • you can change the attribute used with the skill from the dropdown
  • skill rolls automatically calculate your full roll total
    • summing up your selected attribute + skill dice, and if the pip total from them is 3 or 4, you'll automatically get the new extra dice


  • You can turn on/off the popup asking for roll modifier


All input fields & roll buttons have a hover tooltip saying the attribute's/button's name, with makes it easier to make your own macros leveraging the sheet.

If you select a token from the map(that's linked to a sheet), and then type %{selected|init} in the q Text Chat.

Roll Template format

&{template:mythicd6} {{title=Title }} {{subtitle=  }} {{ Roll = [[3d6>3]]  optional}}  {{ desc = optional }}


&{template:mythicd6} {{title=required }} {{subtitle= optional @{character_name} }} {{ Successes = [[(@{perception} -1)d6>3cf0cs0[perception] + 1d6>3cf1cs6![Wild Die] ]]}} {{soemthing = something else }} {{ desc = if using "desc" you get a wide description bot better for lots of text. Before the desc section you can have any number of custom sections}}