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Main Page: API:Script Index

API ScriptAuthor: Pat
Last Modified: 2020-12
Code: Teleport
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

This script provides a way for GMs or players to teleport tokens within,or between, map pages, through the creation of "teleportation pads" that can each have their own configurations.

Can be used for situations like(Forum):

  • Summoning a Monster
  • Pits, Holes, Traps
  • Two Floors in a House
  • Getting Washed Downstream
  • Getting Lost in a Magical Portal Forest
  • Elevator or Spiral Stairs

On installation, a note (Teleport API) is created in your N Journal, and a help text appears in q Text Chat, both of which have buttons which activate the main menu. The note persists, and will not be re-created unless you remove the note, so you can always find and activate the menu button. You can also type !teleport --menu into chat.

For full instructions, see the forum link below, or read the info on the script's API Install page.


This is a short summary of some of the API's features. See the full list of features(Forum) for more.

  • Creating teleport pad tokens. Names do not have to be special and are expressly so the creator can identify them, and can be changed at any time.
  • Teleporting a selected token to a teleport pad with chat buttons
  • automatic teleportation between pads
  • two-way auto-teleports (pads that are linked to each-other)
  • many-to-one teleports (many teleport pads can have the same target teleport pad)
  • one-to-many teleports (one teleport pad has many targets; two alternatives):
    • random a random target pad is selected out of the many targets (default)
    • select - player is presented with several options on where to teleport (teleportation targets can be hidden from players)
  • token keys that player tokens have to match to auto-teleport (this does not stop GM manual teleport through the chat menu)
  • special effects when teleporting
  • Text appearing in chat when auto-teleporting
  • Cross-page teleport player + token is moved to another map page
    • Caution: the API implementation appears to not have the same status as the drag-drop implementation. Much like the jukebox, where a track started by the Jukebox controls can't be turned off by the API, an individual player ribbon moved by drag-drop cannot be moved by API.
    • Additionally, API individual player ribbon moves are not retained if the player logs off/leaves the game as normal, unlike drag-drop operations. A returning player who was on another page due to API will be automatically re-merged with the main Player ribbon.
    • We are investigating the difference at this time, but it appears the API has lost its access to the "real" player status.