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This is a guide to the Stargate RPG by Wyvern Gaming-character sheet on Roll20, for the game system published in 2021.

For GM advice to run Stargate on Roll20, see Stargate - GM Tips.

The end of the page contains useful links outside of Roll20.
The main page of the Stargate RPG, v.1.50 Character Sheet


Character Sheet

This is the Official Roll20 Character Sheet by Wyvern Gaming, created by Andreas J..

General Info

Example:Kulera makes a Culture Check (v1.40)
  • All Attribute/Skill/Save/Attack rolls are always rolled twice each time, so that Advantage/Disadvantage can be quickly determined. If you have neither, just use the first roll from the right.
  • Before rolling Initiative/Moxie, select your token on the map, so the result appears in the t Turn Tracker
  • It's recommended you first assign your Main Attributes & Proficiency Bonus. The other stats will be updated according to the main stats, leaving less things to adjust manually.
  • All roll buttons can be dragged to your Macro quickbar, or used directly in the q Text Chat by calling the button by it's name.
  • The sheet is under active development and will have more features & updates. See Changelog for recent changes.
  • When hovering your mouse over buttons and attributes, their names are shown, making it easier to create your own macros for them.
Hovering your mouse over an attribute or button will show it's name. You can then use this info to create you own macros or add them to other rolls on your sheet, such as one of the #Custom Rolls.
  • There is not yet any NPC/creature/vehicle sheet, so the PC sheet will need to be used for now.


The buttons to switch between the sheet's pages

The character sheet is split into three pages:

  • Main(for the core info)
  • Background(for info on race/class/origin/other notes)
  • Settings(for general sheet settings and misc other things)


The main page of the Stargate RPG, v.1.50 Character Sheet

Most of the stats are saved on the Main page.


  • Hit dice: Can be used in rolls with @{hd}
  • Tension Dice: set it to be the right one for the session. Can be used in rolls with @{td}
  • Mission Points Max value is currently on #Settings Page


  • When you type in the attribute, the character sheet automatically calculates the attribute's modifier. It will also increase/decrease the the bonus to the related skills, saves, initiative, moxie and Armor Class.
  • @{str_mod}, @{dex_mod} etc.
  • (not available yet: option to track temporal Attribute damage/boost)


  • The skill modifiers will increase/decrease automatically when you change your main attributes
  • When you check the Proficiency checkbox for a skill, the sheet will automatically add your current Proficiency bonus to the skill
  • You can manually edit your skill modifier if you have some other bonuses
  • (not available yet: option to make skill rolls using alternative attributes)

Hit Points, Armor Class & Proficiency

  • You can track HP@{hp},@{hp|max} and temporary HP separately@{hp_temp},@{hp_temp|max}.
  • The AC is set by default to 10, and need to be manually adjusted for dex modifier or armor. @{ac}
  • The Proficiency need to manually updated when it increases for your character, but any changes to proficiency(@{prof}) will automatically make changes to relevant skills, saves, and determination.
Examples on how to make Initiative/Moxie Rolls appear on the Turn Tracker.

Initiative & Moxie

  • Currently, the sheet sets your Initiative bonus according to your Dex modifier, so you might need to change it if your other relevant stat for it is higher.
  • Currently, the sheet sets your Moxie bonus according to your Cha modifier, so you might need to change it if your other relevant stat for it is higher.

Rolling Initiative & Moxie

If you want a characters roll to appear on the t Turn Tracker, you need to have the character's token selected before making the roll. Otherwise the result only appears in the q Text Chat. See Link token to Character Sheet.

  • %{selected|init}/%{selected|moxie} will do the rolls for the selected token
  • %{target|init}/%{target|moxie} will prompt you to select a token, then roll

Death Saves

You can roll Death Saves from the title button, and then track failures/successes in the tracker.


Tracks your levels of Exhaustion, doesn't modify rolls/stats based on position, just a visual indicator.

Inventory & Bulk

For storing items currently carried by the character. The #Background Page have a separate "Equipment"-section for tracking the characters all equipment.

Character's bulk needs to be manually edited, and it doesn't affect the sheet in any way (currently).


  • The save modifiers will increase/decrease automatically when you change your main attributes
  • When you check the Proficiency checkbox for a save, the sheet will automatically add your current Proficiency bonus to the skill
  • You can manually edit your save modifier if you have some other bonuses


An Attack section filled out for a soldier
  • When you press an attack roll button, it will rolls your Attack & Damage at the same time.
  • You must manually set the attack bonus
  • Roll result won't show range/reload info
  • If damage field is left empty, the sheet will roll "0" for the damage.

Tips: You can use one of your attack slots for quickly rolling some of your class/racial/feat abilities. If you have a First Aid Kit, you can assign the amount it heals as the damage, and write in the "Damage type" spot "healing". Alternatively, use the Custom Rolls-section found on the Settings-page.


Background Page for Lanni (v.1.41)

The sheet have simple text-boxes for filling out Racial/Class/Feat abilities, as well as Equipment & other notes, but will later be improved later.

The Equipment-section is separate from the #Inventory-section on the Main page, to make it easier to keep track of all the equipment owned/stashed, and what is carried on person at the moment.


Settings Page (v.1.45)

Contains general settings for the sheet, a changelog, and tracking for some misc. stats.

  • change if the character makes rolls in public, or just to the GM
  • change if the character's name is shown in roll result
  • Track your Mission Points
  • Track your Eureka Points


  • Buttons for Short Rest, Long Rest, and Tension Die. If the game has the ChatSetAttr API installed, the Short Rest & Long Rest rolls will automatically increase the character's HP.

NPC Stuff

  • For storing hidden NPC name, CR, and NPC/Creature type
  • (will eventually be expanded to full NPC sheet)

Custom Rolls

This section shows three examples of macros that can be used for the sheet. Good spot for saving and rolling any misc. rolls that isn't covered by other sections. These rolls are made privately if the sheet is set to only make private rolls.

The buttons can be dragged to the Macro quickbar, or called with the command &{charactername|custom1}, &{charactername|custom2} etc.

Saves a custom roll button to the Macro quickbar, and then make a roll with it for the character.

Default Settings

The Settings available for Game Masters to change how new character sheets are set when created. These are found on the Campaign's Game Settings Page.

To apply these settings to all existing sheets, go to the bottom of y My Settings-tab and press the Apply Default Settings-button, after having saved the settings you want.

  • Tension Die:

Roll Template

The basic structure of the &{template:stargate} roll template built into the sheet.

&{template:stargate} {{title=Title of the Roll}} {{subtitle=Subtitle which is optional }} {{color=}} {{Normal row= The sheet can have any number of these sections. Everything to the left of the equal sign is bolded.}} {{desc= If the left side contain exactly "desc", then the equal sign is removed and any content is spread to the with of the full template. Inline roll: [[d20+3]] }}
Result of the example output from above
  • &{template:stargate} tells Roll20 to use this roll template. There is also &{template:default} but it isn't as good.
  • (optional) @{whisper} at the start can be adjusted from a sheet's Settings page to whether the roll is made public, or just to the GM.
  • {{title=Title of roll}}.
  • (optional) @{show_name} in the middle determines if the character's name is shown in the templates subtitle section or not: {{subtitle=@{character_name} }}.
  • (optional) the {{color=}} determine what color the title section of the roll. It accepts "green","white", "black". If the section is skipped, the title section is "red" by default.
  • (optional, any number) {{ = }}, sections with a equal sign in the middle, making the left side's text bold, and aligning the equal sign approximately in the middle. You can have any number of these sections in your macro.
  • (optional) {{desc = }} A full width section displaying everything written on it, useful for longer text descriptions.

3 examples on using the built-in roll template:

@{whisper}&{template:stargate} {{color=white}} {{title=ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY}} @{show_name}  {{Intelligence (Engineering)=[[1d20+@{td}]]}} {{Intelligence (Engineering)(If Adv/Disadvatage)=[[1d20+@{td}]]}} {{desc=Whenever you make an Intelligence (Engineering) check that involves technology with a tech level of 4 or higher, you add +TD to the check.}}
&{template:stargate} {{color=green}} {{title=FIRST AID(Medic)}} @{show_name}  {{Healing=[[1d8+@{prof}[proficiency] ]]}} {{desc=Your extensive training in field medicine allows you to rapidly provide aid to a wounded team member. When you use a med kit to heal you add your Proficiency modifier to the damage healed. In addition, you may use a med kit to heal a wounded team member as an action (rather than during a short rest). Med kits cannot heal the target again until after a short rest.}}
@{Kulera|whisper}&{template:stargate} {{title=@{Kulera|attack3}}} @{Kulera|show_name} {{[[d20+(@{Kulera|attack3_to_hit})]]=[[d20+(@{Kulera|attack3_to_hit})]]}} {{Damage=[[@{Kulera|attack3_dmg}+0]]}} {{desc=@{Kulera|attack3_special} }}


Here are few example you can use in your game, you can just copy them into the q Text Chat and press enter, or save it as a macro for repeated use. See the API-section for more advanced examples that require API(Pro Subscription), or the Complete Macro Guide on how you can create more complicated macros in general.

  • Hit Dice
    • Simple(example for someone with a d10 HD and Con modifier of 3.): r/ 1d10+3(Edit to be correct for your character)
    • HD Recovery(example for someone with a d10 HD and Con modifier of 3.): &{template:default} {{name=**Hit Dice Recovery**}} {{Character recovers=[[d10+3]]}} (Edit to be correct for your character)
    • HD Recovery(Macro that asks for the stats): &{template:default} {{name=**Hit Dice Recovery**}} {{Character recovers=[[?{Character's Hit Dice?|d10}+?{Character's Constitution modifier?|0}]]}}
    • HD Recovery(When selecting a token linked to a character sheet, automatically checks the characters stats): &{template:default} {{name=**Hit Dice Recovery**}} {{Character recovers=[[@{selected|hd}+@{selected|con_mod}]]}}


macros by EnterElysium

Burst Fire optional - To add tension dice damage add the following code to the damage

+?{Fire Mode|Single,0|Burst,1}@{td}

Automatic Fire optional - to add X number of tension dice (where you will be prompted for X when rolling)

+?{Fire Mode|Single,0|Auto,?{Number|2}}@{td}

Burst and Automatic options

+?{Fire Mode|Single,0|Burst,1|Auto,?{Number|2}}@{td}

To remove single from any of those just take the following section out: Single,0|

To add your dex modifier (so that you don't have to manually add it and update it when you attributes change) add the following to your weapon damage:

  • Dex Attacks: @{dex_mod}
  • Strength attacks:@{str_mod}

For your bonus to hit use either of the following for weapons you have proficiency in:

  • @{dex_mod}+@{prof}
  • @{str_mod}+@{prof}

Or for ones you don't have prof in:

  • @{dex_mod}
  • @{str_mod}

Chat Menus

Example of how the Statblock Chat Menus looks in the chat. You can press any of the buttons in the chat menu to roll that stat

Chat_Menus#Stargate_Character_Stats shows an example of how a Chat Menus can be created to show roll buttons in the chat, which can make it possible to access buttons without having to open the sheet.

Character Statblock Example:

/w @{selected|character_name} &{template:stargate} {{title=@{selected|character_name} }} {{subtitle=Char Stat block}} {{ HP: **@{selected|hp}**/**@{selected|hp|max}** = Temp: **@{selected|hp_temp}**/**@{selected|hp_temp|max}** }} {{Passive= Perception: [[10+@{selected|perception}]]
Insight: [[10+@{selected|insight}]] }} {{[Initiative](~selected|init)= [Moxie](~selected|moxie)}} {{[Tension Dice](~selected|td)= **@{selected|td}**}} {{**STR: @{selected|str}** [STR](~selected|str) **@{selected|str_mod}** = [Save](~selected|str_save) **@{selected|str_save}** }} {{**DEX: @{selected|dex}** [DEX](~selected|dex) **@{selected|dex_mod}** = [Save](~selected|dex_save) **@{selected|dex_save}** }} {{**CON: @{selected|con}** [CON](~selected|con) **@{selected|con_mod}** = [Save](~selected|con_save) **@{selected|con_save}** }} {{**INT: @{selected|int}** [INT](~selected|int) **@{selected|int_mod}** = [Save](~selected|int_save) **@{selected|int_save}** }} {{**WIS: @{selected|wis}** [WIS](~selected|wis) **@{selected|wis_mod}** = [Save](~selected|wis_save) **@{selected|wis_save}** }} {{**CHA: @{selected|cha}** [CHA](~selected|cha) **@{selected|cha_mod}** = [Save](~selected|cha_save) **@{selected|cha_save}** }} {{[Short Rest](~selected|hd)= [Long Rest](~selected|longrest)}}
  • the /w @{selected|character_name} makes it so only the person using the Macro sees it. Change to /w gm if you want you+GM to see it.
  • When any buttons are rolled from the menu, they work like if the button on the sheet had been pressed.
  • The places where some text is wrapped in **, is for making text bold. It'


Result of Example4(using ChatSetAttr), where the character's HP is updated based on the roll results, Healing Bervell after a Short Rest

See the API-section on the Stargate GM Tips-page for comprehensive list of APIs & examples that could be used for enhancing gameplay.

  • ChatSetAttr - makes it possible to update char stats when used with regular sheet macros, and other more complicated things
    • Example 1: !setattr --all --td|d8 will set the Tension Die for all character to d8. Useful for changing the TD for all chars at the start of a session.
    • Example 3: healing: &{template:stargate} {{color=green}} {{title=Short Rest}} !modbattr --silent --charid @{target|character_id} --hp|{{Roll=[[@{target|hd}]]}}!!! {{desc=Rolls the Hit Dice and recovers that many Hit Points. }} will prompt you to select a token, and then will roll that character's HD, and increase the characters HP by the result. Token must be linked to a character sheet.
  • GroupInitiative could be useful for rolling initiative/moxie for multiple NPCs at the same time, or to clear the t Turn Tracker.
    • Configure(First time): From the GroupInit Menu that pops up in the Text Chat, press the "Stargate RPG by Wyvern Gaming"-button and it will be ready to roll initiative.
    • Clean+Close Turn tracker: !group-init --clear
    • Sort All Initiative/Moxie Results: !group-init --sort
    • When you want to switch between using "init" or "moxie" for the rolls, use !group-init --promote 2. When you want to switch again, use the same command.


main article: Stargate - GM Tips for Roll20

Few tips & tricks for GateMasters on how to use some Roll20 features, for aspects relevant to Stargate in general, or the rules themselves. See Game Master & Game Management for general Roll20 info.

The advice on the Stargate - GM tips-page is mostly general, while some are assuming the use of this specific character sheet.

Character Sheet Changelog

See Sheet's Changelog

Feature Wishlist

Features that have been requested/considered for the sheet. Anyone can add ideas to the wishlist.

  • NPC Sheet,Vehicle Sheet
    • simplified, layout like statblocks
    • easy conversion between PC & NPC character
  • More settings(button to toggle normal/adv./disadv. on rolls, option to add custom mod)
  • Attributes/Skills/Saves
    • expertise
    • notes
    • fields for extra mods
    • option to roll alternative skill rolls using other base Attributes
    • option for armor/conditions/exhaustion to affect rolls automatically
  • AC, better options, toggle armor on/off
  • Attacks -improve
    • ammo tracking
    • toggle for turning off auto-roll of dmg
    • auto-add extra damage to critical rolls
  • Revamp Background page
    • Class/Race/Origin/Feat ability rolls + send description to chat
    • Tracking Feats separately
    • Proper Inventory tracking, bulk calculation
    • Extra section for personal notes
  • Scuffed/Wounded Tracker, with options for dynamic changes
  • Condition Tracker to dynamically adjust stats
  • Mission Point gain/use history
  • Init & Moxie: auto-rank PCs above NPCs when equal result
  • Interactive GM Screen page
    • Buttons to send rule snippets to chat
    • Chat Menu rolls, like team HP/AC/PP summary
    • Buttons for API commands, like GroupInit, change everyone's tension die(ChatSetAttr), GroupCheck
  • Character Sheet Translation to other languages(French, Spanish, German etc.)
  • Make the sheet printer-friendly
  • Advanced:
    • API Support: options for compatibility with common APIs, or standalone Stargate API to unify relevant features.(Most API can already be used with Stargate, they just need to be manually configured to work right with the sheet)
      • CombatMaster(Forum) Settings for Stargate Conditions, & things like Scuffed/Wounded & Exhaustion Tracker
      • "GroupCheck" preset config (GroupInitiative done)
      • Ammo/resource tracking, like presets for Script:Ammo, ChatSetAttr, or similar
      • Streamlined Short/Long Rest, auto-update stats
      • Gate API: automate moving character through Stargates to new map, operating DHD, open/close gate, play related sounds etc.
      • It's a Trap! API settings, or make Stargate-specific "It's a Trap!" version
      • Stargate - Living series Manager: Set Tension Die at start of episode for characters, auto-assign imported characters to players, update player Mission Points at end of game.
    • Better notifications when sheet updates
    • Character Sheet Import/Export from
    • Streamline sheet for use with Roll20 Mobile App(when the app is released)


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