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User Interface

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The Roll20 Interface is broken down into four sections:

1. The Tabletop
2. The Toolbox
3. Page Toolbar
4. Sidebar

1. Tabletop

This is the largest portion of the playspace. This is where you set up your battle maps or board game play mats and where you'd place your tokens. You can also use it as a dry erase board.


2. Toolbar

This toolbar on the left side of the Tabletop lists the various tools used for moving art assets, drawing, writing, measurement, rolling, and other that affect or interact with the Tabletop in some fashion.

3. Page Toolbar

When you click on the little tab on the top of the screen, this pulls down the Page Toolbar. This is where you can store multiple scenes (Pages) for the Tabletop and bounce players between them.

The Sidebar, showing the My Settings-tab

4. Sidebar

Lastly is the Sidebar on the right side of the screen. This has multiple tabs that manage the in-game chat, music/audio, character sheets and handouts, and Roll20's settings.

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