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The Roll20 Marketplace(Market) is where you can buy modules, art packs, compendiums and more to be used with your Roll20 games.
The front page of the marketplace

Check Marketplace Partner Help Center for info on how to become a marketplace creator and how to create content.

Marketplace content doesn't count towards your Storage limit.


Types of marketplace content


Game modules are fully integrated settings that a GM can pick up and play with little to no setup work. Modules are most often larger adventures or base adventure settings.


  • auto-populate N Journal entries for adventure text, NPC stat blocks and handouts
  • multiple pages for pre-set battle maps with, art, tokens, & Dynamic Lighting set up. (need to be
    info to use the DL)
  • Some modules comes with a i Compendium-part, which can make it easier to find & create some things.
    • A Module's Compendium can be used in any game, not just with the module.
  • Some Modules have All Access Vault, which makes it possible to export characters from the Character Vault to the game, even if the GM or the player importing isn't Plus or Pro.

Modules can't be added to existing games, you must use the module when creating a new game.

info users can use the Transmogrifier to copy pages, characters handout and more to either copy an existing campaigns content to a module-created one, or vice versa.


Main Page: Addons

Addons are smaller forms of content that are meant to enhance existing games. This might include card decks, maps, single encounter adventures, and adventure continuations.

You can either create a new game with an addon, or add one to an existing game.

Art Packs

Art Packs are collections of images for use in your Roll20 games. These include tokens, token markers, maps, tiles, portrait images & Landing Page material.

Most of these can be downloaded from the marketplace page.


Most commonly associated with system rulebooks, Compendiums and Compendium Expansions are accessible both as an in-game i Compendium and as the External Compendium. In-game Compendium access is set by default to correspond with the chosen Character Sheet Template. At any point, you can change Compendium access and settings in the Game Settings from your Game Details page.


Dynamic Lighting

Main Page: Dynamic Lighting

Note: The owner of a marketplace module must have a
info or
info account
for Dynamic Lighting to work in a game.

Character Vault

Main Page: Character Vault

Some Modules grants Full Character Vault Access in those games, which enables Free users to import characters to the games created with the module, where as usually you need a
info or
info account for it.

Wishlist & Gift

You can keep both private and public Wishlists on the marketplace.

You can gift people Marketplace items. Make sure to check if they have a public Wishlist.

Reviews & Recommendations

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