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Character Sheet Creation
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Listing random quirks of the sheet system, especially those related to coding, editing & updating character sheets.

Note: The "Month Year" mention at end is a guaranteed last observation of the bug.




Sheet code/editing bugs that doesn't fit other categories.

  • Using the word eval anywhere in the sheet code will stop everything from working. Roll20 have put is as a security measure to prevent eval to be used even in a roundabout way. You cant have attribute or class names that includes it.
    • this also prevent you from import google fonts that happen to have "eval" as part of the name
  • using optgroups in select doesn't work on custom sheets, even though it works on existing sheets like Free Spacer
  • "Newly-dropped characters now must fully resolve before closing the window"
  • translation special character bug May 2021
    • avoid placing symbols & special characters in translations
  • changing default value of attributes will change untouched values of existing sheet. May 2021


Bugs in how sheetworkers function.

JavaScript Restrictions


Bugs related to Character Sheet Enhancement(CSE).

  • HTML replacement characters have been observed to sometimes be converted prematurely after the CSE update was made which can cause sheet roll macros to break.
    • Only appears to happen in CSE-mode. reported by Ayethin & Vince
    • Workaround: since nested quotes and/or queries that include special characters may break in CSE-mode, try substituting the ampersand character as well. ie " should be changed to ".
  • in some cases, .charsheet needs to be added to the CSS classes, which previously worked fine with Legacy Sheet
    • ex. .charsheet span{ width: 150px;}, instead of span{ width: 150px;}
  • Asterisks disappearing from CSS comments.
    • Chris D. may have uncovered strange behavior with CSS comments using multiple asterisk characters. eg /******/
    • Scott C. notes that this may be an older bug and suggests to use # instead. eg /*######*/
  • detail & summary element styling is inconsistent between browsers/versions
  • fixed issues with @import
    • if a @import exists, it seems it might result in roll20 ignoring the first instance of the next css class in the file, workaround is to add an empty, "sacrificial" version of the class first that will be eaten up, and the one after will work normally


Bugs that only affect Legacy Character Sheets(LCS).

  • In legacy mode, the number comparison functions stop working if the number you are comparing is below zero.


Bug affecting how sheets uploaded to the GitHubLogo.png work or function.
  • replacing sheet images on github doesn't always update on sheet to make sure images change on sheet when updating/replacing them, change their name/reference in the code, eg. logo.jpg to logo2.jpg.

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