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D&D, DnD or Dungeons & Dragons is the most popular and and well-known role-playing game. Every version has at least one character sheet that can help you out with playing.



Fifth Edition is the latest and most popular edition. Around half of all games on Roll20 are played using this system, and it has lots of adventures & compendiums that are ready-to-play. Have several character sheet options.

D&D 5E by Roll20 is the most popular character sheet in use.


DnD 4E general guide.

There is a DnD4E character sheet created by the community.


Main Article: Playing DnD 3.5E on Roll20

There is a DnD 3.5E character sheet made by Diana P., which is strongly recommended. The 3.5E guide to Roll20 assumes for most parts the use of that character sheet.


Main Article: General guide to both AD&D & AD&D2E

There are two AD&D 2E character sheets available on Roll20:

See also the Guide to ADnD 2nd Edition Spell Macros.


Main Article: General guide to both AD&D & AD&D2E

There is a character sheet for AD&D 1E listed as Advanced 1st Edition in the dropdown.

The sheet includes all of the basic stats from an AD&D 1st Edition sheet and is also compatible with other OSR style systems such as OSRIC.

Sheet Highlights:

  • Sheet roll buttons for Ability-based skills, Saves, Thief Skills, Attacks, Spells, Special Abilities, and more.
  • Repeatable Weapons, Equipment, Spells, and Special Abilities.
  • Hover over fields and buttons to view the associated attributes name.
  • Roll templates for Attacks, &{template:attacks} and a General &{template:general} for any {key}={value}.
  • Auto-calculated encumbrance for equipment, armor, weapons, and coins.
  • Auto-calculated movement
  • Auto-calculated costs for equipment, armor, and weapons.
  • Sheetworkers (javascript)
  • optional: to-hit AC table whispered to the DM when using the attack button.
  • optional: background image(parchment)

Created by Adam Ness and Vince

Original D&D

There is a character sheet available for OD&D:

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set

Avaiable character sheets:

  • BECMI by Allen Maher, Aqua Alex, BiscuitCookie. For Rules Cyclopedia version of Basic D&D (BECM).
  • Labyrinth Lord by Ron Howard
  • Moldvay by Amanda the Amazon. See GitHubLogo.png

d20 Derivatives and similar games

There are tons of d20-based games, such as retroclones, OSRs, or d20-derivatives of 3.5E or on 5E. A huge amount of them have character sheets on Roll20, too many to be all listed there(but someone can certainly try):

  • Ambition & Avarice by Andreas J. See GitHubLogo.png
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess by Toni Ruiz
  • The Black Hack by Plexsoup
  • Swords & Sorcery have several compatible character sheets.
  • Old School Essentials by Sheershym