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Pages related to making backups, duplicates or safeguarding yourself against loss in general.


  • Duplicate Page can be a good idea before starting to make large changes to a map, in case you want to keep a copy of the old one or need to revert mistakes you made.
    • Having a "template" page(to copy) that have all the player tokens placed & your common page settings is a quicker starting point, than creating an empty page and then start copying/moving things.
  • make a copy of your active game is a good idea to safeguard yourself if something happens with your initial game.
    • If you aren't Pro and don't have access to Rollback, continuing your game in the copy you made might in some rare cases.

Pro Features

  • Rollback - making it possible to turn back time in your campaign up to 7 days, to revert unwanted changes. Always make a copy of your game before performing a rollback.
  • Library Campaign - good idea for offloading content that isn't actively used in your