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Attention: This page is community-maintained. For the official Roll20 version of this article, see the Help Center for assistance: Placing Doors & Windows .

Main Page: Dynamic Lighting

Placing Doors and Windows on Roll20 (Jan. 2023)
Doors are now built in to dynamic lighting. This was previously announced to implement "Immersive map and lighting features like doors, windows, and an overhead layer." Simulated methods such as the Door Knocker API might still achieve a similar effect.


In Marketplace Products

Most maps and adventures released before the Dec 2022 release of the Door feature on the Marketplace have any doors on the maps draw with a different color from normal walls on the Dynamic Lighting layer. This makes them easier for the GM to spot, and was to old way of managing doors.

To let a player through a "door", GM can select the "door"-segment while on the Dynamic Lighting layer, and then move it to the GM layer.

Older way to do door

This is the older way to Manually Simulate Doors before the Door feature was released.

1. Draw the door-segment on the DL layer, using a distinct color from normal walls.
2. Draw/copy the segment to the Map layer, if you want to leave a visual indicator for players of the doors position.
3. Make sure Advanced Shortcuts are turned on (y My Settings-tab )

Quickly open door:
1. Press , to switch to the DL layer
2. Select the door-segment, and press L K(moves it to GM layer)
3. Press O to return to Token layer

Quickly close door:
1. Press K to switch to the GM layer
2. Select the door-segment, and press L ,(moves it to DL layer)
3. Press O to return to Token layer

See Advanced Shortcuts for more


Mod objects for doors: API:Objects#Door.

Door Knocker is an API that can be used to quickly open and close dynamic lighting lines, simulating the effect of a door. Created by Scott C.

Opening & Closing Doors via the DoorKnocker (Nov 5, 2021) (Nick O.)

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