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Example RPG is not a real game or a character sheet for Roll20, but serves as an example wiki page. To create a new wiki page, see Help:Contents#Create_New_Page.

Having images or gifs that showcase the sheet is useful. See Help:Contents#Images for how to upload images to the wiki.

For more info of how to edit the wiki and using it's features, see Help:Contents.

Examples of well made Character Sheet Documentation pages:


Char Sheet

Info and pictures on how sections of the sheet works.


If the sheet has multiple pages, can be a good idea to split info into separate sections.


Separate info on how any NPC sheet might work, and how to view them.


If there are sheet-specific settings like changing layout, switching between Player/NPC sheet, making hidden rolls the GM, explaining some might be helpful.

Also info on any Default Sheet Settings.


Tips or documentation on how the roll macros for the sheet are made, how any specialized Roll Templates are made/used, and exact attribute names of the sheet to make it easier to create own macros.

Maybe API suggestions that work well with the sheet.

Related Pages

  • Link Token how to link a token to a character sheet
  • API:Script Index - list of popular API Scripts, some which might be extra useful with the sheet/game system
  • other wiki pages with relevant stuff for the sheet, like a Roll20 Guide for the game in general, or GM tips.